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Balboa Spa Pack

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We offer Balboa spa packs having built-in programmable features like cycle programming, sleep mode, economy mode, self diagnosis and many more over any hot tube heaters in the market including Gecko, Hot Springs etc. To know more about our spa products, visit our site at

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Are you looking for a way to unwind yourself from your daily work schedule? Or simply do you want to pamper your senses? If so, then you should install a hot tub in your home. However, there are a few benefits that can beat the comfort and relaxation which comes with dipping in a hot tub. The traditional wood fired hot tubs are widely used around the world due to their quick stress relieving offerings. If you will indulge in a hot tub, then it can help you release the stress and improve your overall comfort.


As hot hubs offer many benefits, so it’s important for you to maintain the hot tub perfectly so that it can offer you the maximum pleasure and provide comfort to your muscles. Whether you will buy the hot tub from any online vendor or from a spa dealer, it’s totally up to you to keep it running in good condition. As an essential component, hot tubs chemical has a great role in the maintenance of hot tub. To ensure your hot tub is in good condition, you should use these essential hot tubs chemical. But getting these chemicals can be a hard task as there are wide arrays of online stores ready to provide you with varieties of useful chemicals to keep your hot tub neat and clean.


Hot tubs chemical at Cedar Tubs Direct can be used in wooden or plastic hot tubs and pools safely. You will get the specialized water products at our online shop which can effectively minimize the amount of chlorine and bromine required by the hot tubs. Be sure that our finest quality hot tubs chemical can do its work very well in your wooden hot tubs. These chemicals are mild in nature and can be a safe option for your eyes and skin. We have a fine range of non-toxic spa chemicals which includes SEA Blue, Nature Pur, Oxy-Pur and Mineral Aid, Alkalinity Increaser, Anti Foam Defoamer and many more. Order our perfect hot tubs chemical and get a nice, soothing and relaxing physical health after a long day of work. To know more about our hot tub chemicals, click here.


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