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Soaking in the outdoor hot tubs is a refreshing and relaxing experience. You need to be aware of bas...
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An unique way to have bath is to try our outdoor hot tubs, we also provide indoor hot tubs depending on your choice. It makes your home look more beautiful. You can also get rid of your kid unwanted activity if you have an outdoor spa.

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Outdoor Hot Tubs

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Outdoor hot tubs

Soaking in the outdoor hot tubs is a refreshing and relaxing experience. You need to be aware of basic maintenance tips that will keep your hot tub in outdoor area clean, stain free and functional.

Cleaning tips for Outdoor Spas and Hot Tub

You have to drain the water of your hot tub and clean it using a sud and abrasion free cleaner along with a soft rag. It will help you get rid of the dirt that gets deposited on the entire tub surface. This cleaning procedure should be repeated every 3 months. However, you can utilize baking soda to clean a small area of the hot tub surface.

Outdoor hot tubs

The vinyl cover of your outdoor hot tub should be cleaned every month. Spray water on it with a garden hose to soften any deposited debris and dirt. Take soapy water solution or baking soda and scrub the upper layer of the cover with a big sponge in a circular way and then wash it off again with the hose. Similarly, rinse the lower portion of the cover with plain water and wipe it down with a dry piece of cloth or rag. If there is any recommended protector for your outdoor hot tubs cover, then you need to apply it as well.

Outdoor hot tubs

The blockage in your tub filtration system should be removed in order to make sure the proper flow of water through it. The system might get blocked due to the presence of minerals in hard water and you will be able to remove it successfully by spraying filter cartridges using a hose every week. You should be very particular about using filter cleaner every month in order to thoroughly clean the filter and keep it in perfect operating condition. Don’t forget to keep the tub filter soaked overnight in a mixture of muriatic acid and water in 1: 3 proportions and it should be done twice a year. Make sure to use protective goggles and gloves while treating the filter with muriatic acid. Additionally, replace it every 3 years to enjoy perfect filtration of water during soaking.

Tips for Keeping Contaminants and Oil Out

Be sure to take a shower before getting into your exterior tub. It will help keep oils and contaminants out of your outdoor hot tubs. It is one of the simplest tips to keep your spa clear, clean and germ free.

Outdoor hot tubs

Drain the Water and Refill the Tub

Don’t let the water in your tub be used for long. Drain it out every 3 months or as and when required. It is good to drain the water from your outdoor hot tubs on a regular basis as it lowers the requirement of chemicals that may damage the tub cover and add to your expenditure. The detergents and soaps may get deposited in your tub over time and create unwanted and unpleasant residue.

Use Proper Chemicals

Use of proper chemicals in the proper amount will help your outdoor hot tub water keep clean and germ free. The original hot tub manufacturer will recommend the specific chemical to be used in your tub and in how much quantity.

Again, you will have to check the chlorine level of tub water and PH level and maintain them on everyday basis. If you are confident to follow up all the above tips and keep away snow, insects, falling leaves and rainwater from spoiling your soaking experience, order wood fired outdoor hot tubs with Cedar Tubs. It will deliver exterior hot tubs without the need of greater attention for cleaning and maintenance.

Outdoor hot tubs

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