Career information is for everybody career information resources from the twc lmci
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Career Information is for Everybody! Career Information Resources from the TWC/LMCI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Information is for Everybody! Career Information Resources from the TWC/LMCI. Richard Froeschle [email protected] Texas Workforce Commission/LMCI (512) 491-4941 (800) 822-PLAN. Perkins and Section 118 ACRN.

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Career information is for everybody career information resources from the twc lmci

Career Information is for Everybody!Career Information Resources from the TWC/LMCI

Richard Froeschle [email protected]

Texas Workforce Commission/LMCI

(512) 491-4941

(800) 822-PLAN

Perkins and section 118 acrn
Perkins and Section 118 ACRN

  • Section 118 is in the law but it is not line- item funded by DoEd nor at the state level

  • The Governor has identified TWC/LMCI as the Texas ACRN section 118 designee

  • LMCI offers career exploration products, resources and training in support of Perkins through grant dollars from TEA and the USDOL.


It s not 1955 anymore adapting to new business practices and technology innovation
It’s Not 1955 Anymore! Adapting to New Business Practices and Technology Innovation

  • “The drive-in restaurant is convenient in nice weather, but I doubt seriously they will ever catch on”

  • “I’m just afraid the Volkswagen car is going to open the door to a whole lot of foreign business”

  • “It’s too bad things are so tough nowadays. I see where a few married women are having to work to make ends meet. It won’t be long before young couples are going to have to hire someone to watch their kids so they can both work.”

Student career interests 30 868 inquiries january 2004 january 2007

1. and Technology InnovationDoctor, all specialties (2,064)

2. Lawyer (1,816)

3. Teacher K-12 (1,744)

4. Athletes & Coaches (1,238)

5. Law enforcement (1,193)

6. Registered Nurses (1,100)

7. Veterinarians (1,093)

8. Singers/Entertainers (827)

9. Cosmetology/Hairdresser(759)

10. Actors & Directors (506)


12. Biological scientist

13. Auto mechanics

14. Photographers

15. Designers

16. Computer programmer

17. Fire fighters

18. Computer engineers

19. Artists

20. Psychologists

Student Career Interests30,868 Inquiries January 2004-January 2007

Top 15 fall 2005 2006 university enrollment
Top 15 Fall 2005-2006 University Enrollment and Technology Innovation

Fall 2006 enrollment seed records were determined by THECB

Top 15 fall 2005 2006 public university graduates
Top 15 Fall 2005-2006 Public University Graduates and Technology Innovation

Fall 2006 graduate seed records were determined by THECB ($8,126 avg. all CIPs)

Highest paying majors 1 year post graduation bachelors associates degrees only
Highest Paying Majors 1 Year Post-Graduation: and Technology InnovationBachelors & Associates Degrees Only

Lmci software lmi and career information resources part i
LMCI Software: LMI and Career Information Resources and Technology Innovation(part I)

  • LMCI Webpage-- Main source for all LMCI publications and links to all LMCI web sitesat

  • WIN--Wage data for regions, industries, and occupations at

  • TRACER2--General labor market information inquiry tool. Includes unemployment and CLF, employment, demographics in drill down, “The Future” menus at and Technology Innovation

Lmci software lmi and career information resources part ii
LMCI Software: LMI and Career Information Resources and Technology Innovation(part II)

  • Texas Industry Profiles-occupational profiles, County Narrative Profiles and filters, Employer Contacts

  • OSCAR-skills transferability, assessments, interactive O*NET data

  • Reality Check! -Student budget calculator at

  • Texas Work Prep –Online Courses


On line lms texas job hunters guide
On-line LMS: and Technology InnovationTexas Job Hunters Guide

On line lms your next job
On-line LMS: and Technology InnovationYour Next Job

On line lms succeed at work
On-line LMS: and Technology InnovationSucceed At Work

Occupational career cluster digital video show
Occupational Career Cluster Digital Video Show English & Spanish

• 7 CD set of over 360 Occupational Videos Organized by 16 Career Clusters

• Close Captioning for Hearing Impaired

• Visual confirmation of

usual workplace setting

• Duty and Task Requirements

• Salary and Job Outlook Expectations

• 250 Spanish Videos

O English & Spanishccupation and





Completely Updated Data English & Spanish

Upgraded to FoxPro 9.0

Same comprehensive, integrated tools

Web version of Texas CARES

combining features from


will be completed during PY2007

Lmci hardcopy publications
LMCI Hardcopy Publications English & Spanish

  • Starting the Conversation

  • Texas Job Hunters Guide

  • Succeed At Work

  • Your Next Job

  • Charting Your Course

  • Pathways to Personal Independence

  • Directory of Licensed Occupations

  • Careers Are Everywhere (elementary)

New Middle School tabloid newspaper called English & SpanishCareer Investigations, formerly known as On Your Mark. Hardcopies and

e-zine formats. Due on the market January 2008.

Career Success English & Spanish

High School


•Comparisons of Post- Secondary Education

•Career Clusters with Occupations List

•Budget Calculator

•Parent’s Guide Pullout

The new 2008 English & SpanishCareer Success tabloid and “e-zine” publication available in February 2008

New English & SpanishCareer Success will align with the Career Clusters and be available in hardcopy and e-zine formats. Should be available Jan 2008.

Texas Job Hunter’s Guide English & Spanish

• Ideal for All Types of Job Seekers

• How to Prepare Yourself, as Well as Your Resume

• How to be a Great Employee and Build Your Career

• Information Every Texas Worker Should Know to Find a Job

Succeed at Work English & Spanish

Workforce Magazine

•Maintaining a Proper Attitude

•Managing Your Career

Career Development Resources

•Living a Balanced Life

•Starting a New Job

•Work Ethics

Your Next Job English & Spanish

Workforce Magazine

•Guide for Downsized, Dislocated & Laid Off Workers

•Managing Your Career

•Tips for Dealing with the Stress

•Starting a New Job

Pathways to Personal Independence English & Spanish

Pathways to Personal Independence is aimed at helping workers create career paths that move them from entry-level jobs to economic freedom. It identifies three pathways for each of ten common entry-level positions, listing the exact knowledge, skills and abilities and training needed to move forward. An introductory narrative explains career paths for the 21st century, helping workers understand exactly how they can take charge of their own career development

Charting your course

A guidebook explaining English & Spanish

how to ask the right

questions before you

select a college, a major

or even the type of


education that is best

for you!

Charting Your Course

Licensed Occupations and Apprenticeship Program Contacts in Texas

• 100 Different Licensed Occupations

• Contact Information for Proper Licensing Agency

• Testing and Fees Required

• Complete List of Registered Apprenticeship Programs

• Minimum Age, Physical and

Educational Requirements

Lots of other cool stuff national lmi web sites
Lots of Other Cool Stuff! TexasNational LMI Web Sites

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics at

  • US Dept. of Commerce at

  • America’s Career

  • O*NET at

  • Dept. of Ed Career Clusters at

  • Bureau of Economic Analysis at

  • Census Bureau for:

    ---American Community Survey

    ---County Business Patterns