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Queen Victoria

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Queen Victoria.

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Queen Victoria was born on the twenty-fourth of May eighteen-nineteen in London, at Kensington Palace. When she was a baby, she spoke German. But she learnt to speak English and French at the age of three. Victoria didn\'t go to school but she studied History, Geography and the Bible.

victoria s public life
Victoria\'s public life

Queen Victoria became queen at the age of eighteen in eighteen thirty-seven and her coronation was in eighteen thirty-eight. The monarch who reigned before Queen Victoria was her uncle, William IV. She lived in Buckingham Palace, Obsborne House (Isle of White) and Balmoral Castle.

Queen Victoria married her cousin, Albert of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, a German Prince on the tenth for Febrary eighteen fourty. She had nine children (with him). After Albert\'s death in 1861, Victoria wore black clothes.

Queen Victoria became Empress of India in eighteen seventy-six. She died on January the tenth nineteen O one at Obsorne House on the Isle of Wight. She was 81.

The monarch who reigned after Queen Victoria\'s death was her son Edward VII (the seventh).