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The great war aka world war i
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The Great War AKA World War I. Causes of World War I. Imperialism – the race of European Nations to establish colonies and their riches. Causes of World War I. Bitterness Over Past Wars

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The Great War AKA World War I

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The great war aka world war i

The Great WarAKA World War I

Causes of world war i

Causes of World War I

  • Imperialism – the race of European Nations to establish colonies and their riches.

Causes of world war i1

Causes of World War I

  • Bitterness Over Past Wars

    • Franco – Prussian War (1870-1871) Prussian, later Germany soundly defeat the French in this war. The provinces of Alsace and Lorraine are annexed by Germany

    • Russo-Japanese War –(1904-1905) Russian Army and Navy humiliated by the Japanese. Wants to regain respect.

    • The Balkan Wars – Balkan states such as Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece make a grab for Turkish (Ottoman Empire) territory. Austria – Hungary stops a grab by Serbia for Bosnia –Herzegovina.

Causes of world war i2

Causes of World War I

  • Nationalism – nationalistic pride that our nation is better than yours. Leads to enormous buildup of new weapons and munitions

    • Germany and Italy were newly united peoples.

    • Austria Hungary made up of many national or ethnic groups.

    • Pan Slavism –with Russia at the lead, Slavic nations would unite as an alliance.

    • Massive mobilizations

Causes of world war i3

Causes of World War I

  • Alliances

    • The Three Emperors League – Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Germany

    • The Triple Alliance – Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary

    • The Triple Entente – France, Russia, and somewhat hesitant Great Britain

The great war aka world war i


  • Militarism

  • Alliances

  • Imperialism

  • Nationalism

Causes of world war i4

Causes of World War I

  • The Spark – the assassination of Arch – Duke Ferdinand of A-H and his wife Sophia

    • In Sarajevo on June 28, 1914 by a Serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princep

    • An ultimatum given to Serbia, Serbia gave in some but not enough to satisfy A-H

    • All countries start to mobilize

The outbreak

The Outbreak

  • July 28 - Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

  • July 29 - December 9Austria-Hungary repeatedly invades Serbia but is repeatedly repulsed

  • August 1 - Outbreak of warGermany declares war on Russia

  • August 3 - Germany declares war on France

  • August 4 - Germany invades neutral Belgium

  • August 4 - Britain declares war on Germany

  • August 4 - US President Woodrow Wilson declares policy of US neutrality

Road to war

Road to War

The road to war

The Road to War

The road to war1

The Road to War

The road to war2

The Road to War

  • The Sinking of the Luisitania with 128 Americans on board

  • The Sussex Pledge – Germans promised not to sink merchant ships without warning or interfere with attempts to save civilian lives

  • Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

The road to war3

The Road to War

  • The Zimmerman Note – Germany discusses unrestricted submarine warfare. Germany promises Mexico help in regaining lost territories from the united States. This was suppose to keep the U.S. out of the European war.

  • April 6, 1917 the U.S. declares war on the Central Powers ( Germany, Austria –Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire)



  • S

  • L

  • U

  • T

  • Z

New weapon s of warfare

New Weapon’s of Warfare

  • U-boats or submarines – highly effective for use in blockades

  • The machine guns- a defensive weapon that took a few men to operate, highly effective against infantry assaults

  • Zeppelins – lighter than air these balloons were used to monitor troop movements

  • Tanks – tracked armored vehicles used effectively by the British to protect their infantry

New weapon s of warfare1

New Weapon’s of Warfare

  • Chemicals – Mustard and chlorine gases. Mustard gas was a blistering agent while chlorine attacked the respiratory system

  • Airplane – first used for reconnaissance, but later machine guns mounted and led to aerial attacks – “dogfights”

  • Flamethrower – projected a stream of liquid fire for distances of several hundred feet.

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