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W E L C O M E. Please register at registration desk Collect your gift package Collect your welcome packages - Instructorsplease look at your infos - Country Coord.please look at your infos & be at 18.00 in this hall - Seniorsplease look at your infos

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  • Please register at registration desk

  • Collect your gift package

  • Collect your welcome packages

  • - Instructorsplease look at your infos

  • - Country Coord.please look at your infos

  • & be at 18.00 in this hall

  • - Seniorsplease look at your infos

  • & be at 18.30 in this hall

  • Please have a walk around looking/reading what is on

  • the walls and meet, chat and enjoy the evening

  • - Friday Morning 08.45 arrival – Start 09.00

Please see your UHT Foundation Document

Page 0 UHF Doc

History Mission-Vision 2006-2012


to all and every Instructor worldwide

and all teams globally

In 2006 we had a complete UHTS based on a deep inner structure yet with no outer organizational network or communication structure

UHTS Essence

Spiritual Principles

UHTS Values

Deep Wisdom

Core Practises

Universal Laws

Page 1 UHF Doc

Page 2 UHF Doc

2006 Declaration of Intents

To support a global UHT Mission

it is our intent to empower an active, connected Worldwide Universal Healing Tao Instructor Faculty, that will take care respectfully of the UHT Branches and pass down the UHTS on all continents successfully in alignment with the UHT Asia Model. We extend trust to all instructors in each continent to cooperate together in order to develop and pass down our UHTS successfully to future generations now.

  • Now we have

  • Instructors re-connected

  • globally

  • A UHT Foundation

  • A global Mission-Vision

  • Several country Mi-Vi = see display on walls

  • An organizational Structure

UHT Foundation People

Council of 9


Development UHT Asia

Continental Coordinators

European Community

Country Coordinators

Global Branch Leaders

Global Senior Coordinator

Global UHT Faculty

Instructor Meetings

Voice Mail Greetings from Continental Coordinators

PurposePreserve the original UHT System and its teachings

To pass down the UHT System on all

6 Continents successfully for future generations.

SupportsThe global expansion of the UHT Teachings via the Global

Faculty on all 6 Continents.

Organisational Structure and its Coordination Network.

EncouragesA Mission-Vision Process on each level of UHT organisation

CommunicatesVia Circular communication within UHT via the

Communication Network, its Feedback System and the

Meeting Notes on each level (=protocol)

Branch LeadersOffering eventually a 4 year UHT Experiential-Educational

Career Path within those branches.

FinancesFunded via Global Instructors Fees and by “sponsors”

The UHT Foundation

Page 3 UHF Doc

UHT Foundation Field Structure

Geographically Function/Status Mission-VisionCoordination

Planet World Grand MasterGlobal Mi-ViCouncil of 9


Continents Europe Faculty Continental Mi-Vi6 Continental Coordinators




North Am.

Latin Am.

Countries Slovakia Seniors Country Mi-ViCountry Coordinators

Cities Bratislava Instructors Cities Mi-ViCity Coordinators

AI and CI

Local Locations StudentsInstructors Mi-ViInstructors


Page 3 UHF Doc

Page 3 UHF Doc

GLOBAL UHT IDENTITY (letter received? No=see wall)

Page 4 UHF Doc

Global Mission-Vision

EssenceIn harmony with the Life Force, we grow the virtues of

Heart, Soul and Spirit.

MissionWe enable cultivation of energy (Qi) to heal ourselves and find

our deepest meaning.

We inspire people how to raise and educate their soul and harmonize

all spirits on a clear path to Tao/Source.

VisionWe globally transmit to current and future generations a path of

living with an open heart, clear life purpose and spiritually

embody the Eternal/ Immortal Tao.

SloganSmile Inside - Flowing Chi - Microcosmic Unity

ValuesWe honour with loving acceptance, the dynamic balance of light and darkness. We live in harmony with the virtues of trust, respect, love, wisdom and compasssion in order to achieve health, longevity and abundance.

PhilosophyWe transform our sexual essence to grow our Energy Body

and enhance spiritual evolution by practicing Qigong

and Tao Inner Alchemy Meditation

To bring our UHT Mission-Visions

fully out to the world we need to

be globally and energetically

unified in our actions


Brake through

Build up 2006-2012

Disciplined united leaders


United actions

Disciplined united


Cost Structure Flow in the near future for the UHT Foundation


  • Global Instructor Fees

  • UHT Associate Instructor Training Training Fees

  • Instructor Certification Training Training Fees

  • UHT Instructor Upgrading TrainingUpgrading Fees

  • UHT Evaluation TrainingEvaluation Fees

  • UHT Bachelor Training ProgramsTraining program Fees

Mutual BenefitsGlobal Questionnaire- please fill out and give to registration desk

Page 5 UHF Doc

Page 5 UHF Doc

Global Reunion20163.July. - 9.Julywith 600 Instructors, Practitioner and Studentsin UHT Asia

Immortal Tao

We have it all – now lets take it a step further

and work within our countries now

with the support of your country coordinators

Thank you all

Country Instructor TeamWork

  • 01 My role country coordinator responsibilities10 minutes

  • supporting the UHTS growth in our country

  • keeping a protocol of instructor meetings

  • Addressing issues to appropriate group within our communication structure

  • 02 Database: please give me your complete coordinates to put in my excel database

  • - send any change, corrections to UHT Faculty Secretary Leck

  • - keep your profile up to date on website (need user name and password)

  • 03 Country Website how is it today and development in future

  • 04 Global Questionnaire – getting up to date = see UHT Foundation Package

  • 05 Global UHT Foundation Fee= what is the fee in our country?5 Minutes

  • 06 Global UHT World Link Meditation Date 2013 = best month/week day/time? 5 Minutes

  • 07 Share the Mi-Vi draft ORE visitMission-Vision-Goals-Strategy Wall for inspiration35 Minutes

  • 08 What support from UHT Foundation= brainstorm & collect then

  • would our country need the most? then write later on page 04YELLOW POSTAID5

  • 09 Global Instructor Reunion 2016 –

  • UHT Asia – Thailand= brainstorm how to prepareYELLOW POSTAID5

  • ourselves together?






Gives energy

Vision – visual

Leading Picture

Gives energy


Goals = condense

and empower energy into the manifestation


Path and Time

Intuitionsubconcious / aware


Is Situation



Strategies = conzept how to reach goals

Plan = 1 Who?

2 What?

3 Amount to do?

4 Time available, how long?

5 When, how long? Do IT NOW THINIK – ACT – FEEL IT

Why a Mission-Vision

Stephan Covey – was one of the most spiritual influential leader said:

01 nothing is as powerful as an idea that has come

02 mission & vision is that idea

03 more powerful, significant, influential than the baggage of

past and noise of present

….power lies in vision and commitment to that vision

04 Most far reaching leadership activity is in creating a

mission-vision statement

Beate Nimskysee her A4 page

Why? Please look at the ideas on the board…

How?Use our examples

Go on youtube

Get support in creating it

Check it?By criteria's that make a great statement


develop Version 1 of a

clear Mi-Vi-Go-St

And discuss many topics with your country coordinators

Inge Maassen & Hilde Brockenhove- dedication- engagment- encouragement- process

YOUR COUNTRY STEP TOWARDSGlobal Reunion20163.July. - 9.Julywith 600 Instructors, Practitioners and Studentsin UHT Asia

Immortal Tao

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