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Introduction to Setting

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Introduction to Setting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Big Idea for Unit: Your World. Introduction to Setting. Warm Up:. Objective:. Does context explain behavior ? (Please elaborate .)

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beginning of class items
Warm Up:


  • Does context explain behavior? (Please elaborate.)
  • Standard:W.9-10.3dUse precise words & phrases, telling details, & sensory language to convey a vivid picture of the experiences, events, setting, &/or characters.
  • I can
    • explain the significance of a specific setting from my own life.
    • Describe a setting from a picture and compare my description with a partners so that I can see how different people have different perspectives on the same image.
Beginning of Class Items

“fuels the drive to write” (Burroway 133).

“Virtually any writer you ask will profess a profound relation to place and time whether as a patriot, refugee, homebody, adventurer, flâneur (one who strolls around), or time traveler; and each will tell you that creating the sensuous particularity of a place and period is crucial to writing” (Burroway 133).

reflective questions to answer in detail a specific paragraph each

How does setting “fuel (your) drive to write”? (3-5 sentences)

Name and describe a setting that you have had “a profound relation to”? Explain what made this setting so significant for you. (5-10 sentences)

Reflective Questions to Answer in Detail (a specific paragraph each)
more on setting

“If a piece of literature does not create the setting for us, if it seems to occur in no-time or in vague-place fuzzy-time, we cannot experience it, or else we must experience that vagueness itself as crucial to the action (emphasis mine)” (Burroway 133).

More on Setting
why don t we notice setting

Can seem like a boring concept

  • Can be overlooked on most days
    • Doesn’t everyone see the same thing?
Why don’t we notice setting?
do we all see the same thing
Your task is to write a ½ page description of this setting. Describe what you see. Imagine that you are actually standing in the viewpoint from which this picture was taken. What do your five senses notice? How do you interpret even the hard-to-see details (Look carefully)?

Compare your description with a partner’s. Explain the differences between your description and your partner’s.

Do we all see the same thing?