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Uploading Dissonance. Overview. YouTube and the US occupation of Iraq – Christensen Propaganda vs. public diplomacy Noopolitik Amateur Photojournalism and the Myth of Media Democracy – Nemanic Grassroots journalism Media democracy—does it exist? Examples

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Uploading Dissonance

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Uploading dissonance

Uploading Dissonance



  • YouTube and the US occupation of Iraq – Christensen

    • Propaganda vs. public diplomacy

    • Noopolitik

  • Amateur Photojournalism and the Myth of Media Democracy – Nemanic

    • Grassroots journalism

    • Media democracy—does it exist?

  • Examples

  • Questions/Areas of exploration

Christensen youtube and the us occupation of iraq

Christensen: YouTube and the US Occupation of Iraq

  • MNFIRAQ – what is it?

    • YouTube channel 2007

    • US Defense Department

    • “boots on ground perspective” of war

    • Sanitized version of war

    • No profanity, graphic/disturbing content

3 types of videos

3 Types of Videos

  • Street fighting

  • Surgical warfare

  • Good deeds



  • Typical gun battle scenes

  • Enemy always initiating contact

  • US Soldiers defending/ returning fire

  • Calm & Collected manner

  • No results or casualties shown

Surgical warfare

Surgical Warfare

  • Involves bombing from helicopter or airplane

  • Destroy selected targets (terrorists, weapons) that posses threat

  • Very accurate and precise

  • Again no carnage shown

Good deeds

“Good Deeds”

  • Christensen – “Feel good material”

  • Display troops in positive light

  • Show good relations between citizens & troops

  • Ex – Shaking hands, playing with kids, laughing

Good deeds opposing content

Good deeds? – Opposing Content

  • Example of propagandistic dissonance

  • Opposing content makes propaganda difficult

  • Level of control much more difficult

  • YouTube decentralized nature

  • Alternative clips appear side by side

Good deeds apache kills

Good deeds? – Apache Kills

  • Shows high power ammunition

  • Body part exploded

  • Shows wounded person

  • Propaganda relies on censorship

  • US soldiers uploading own clips disrupts this

Traditional propaganda

Traditional Propaganda

  • Nazi Germany clip

  • YouTube, Google Video, didn’t exist

  • No alternative view

  • Easier to implement propaganda

Propaganda vs public diplomacy

Propaganda vs. public diplomacy

Uploading dissonance

  • Propagandistic Dissonance

  • Realpolitik and noopolitik

  • What we see here is noopolitik—

    • Control over thought

    • “deliberate, regulated decontrol

    • Noopolitik may ultimately be about whose story wins 159

Uploading dissonance

In what other ways are we exposed to “noopolitik” propaganda?

Magazines and advertising

Magazines and Advertising

  • For corporate gain

    • We’re more sensitive to government propaganda but advertising is just as prominent

  • Bernays—propaganda vs. public relations, sound familiar?

Must haves perfect dresses etc

“Must-haves”, “Perfect dresses” etc


Media dissonance

Media dissonance

Media myths good girl vs bad g irl

Media myths: Good Girl vs. Bad Girl


M ilitainment


Tv shows

TV Shows

  • Glorified view of government organizations

Uploading dissonance

  • “But in the war over public opinion, video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Google video have, it appears, begun to restructure the balance of story-telling power”

    • Christensen 173

      Has it really?

Uploading dissonance

“Amateur Photojournalism and the Myth of the Media Democracy”

Question for the class

Question for the class

Is photojournalism dead?

Uploading dissonance



  • Professional photojournalists push corporate agenda

  • Biased

  • Fake/staged images

But nemanic says no

But Nemanic says No…

  • Digital Divide

  • Photojournalism requires education, talent, experience

  • Professional images= superior quality

  • Photojournalist more willing to take risks for greater images

  • Civilian journalism is short lived—edges on sensationalism

G20 citizen perspective

G20 – citizen perspective

G20 ctv perspective

G20 – CTV perspective

Uploading dissonance

  • Grass roots – “ involving the common people”

    • Princeton Wordnet

  • Media democracy

    • global social movement developed to open up mass media to a range of ideas and diverse voices that are repressed through media ownership

    • But these are two separate things!

  • Idea of authenticity

Occupy wall street

Occupy Wall Street

Uploading dissonance

Are these images more authentic than…

Culture and citizen journalism

Culture and Citizen Journalism

  • Audience appropriation and modification of media texts

  • John Fiske culture—“an active process of generating and circulating meanings and pleasures within the social system”

  • Audience interests are short lived

Discussion is this citizen journalism

Discussion: Is this citizen journalism?

Bed Intruder Song – audience appropriation

Bed Intruder- original news report

Media democracy

Media democracy?

Media democracy1

Media democracy?



Further questions

Further questions

  • Do you agree with Nemanic?

  • Can citizen and professional journalists work together?

  • How does/can one complement the other?

Uploading dissonance

  • Final conclusions?

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