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Global Safety Labs, Inc. For Levitt-Safety CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Safety Labs, Inc. For Levitt-Safety CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY. Levitt-Safety Ltd. Protecting your most valuable asset Your operators.

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Global Safety Labs, Inc. For Levitt-Safety CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY

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Global Safety Labs, Inc.

For Levitt-Safety


Levitt-Safety Ltd

Protecting your most valuable asset

Your operators.

Working in concert with your chosen fire suppression system, Arctic Fire Freeze patented technology has been approved as a primary wetting agent for both in cab, operator egress & equipment suppression.

GSL Background

  • CEO is former space shuttle commander, with over 900 space hours.

  • COO former Ops. Exec. With DuPont, Kerr McGee

  • Company is privately held, with a commercial/industrial & military side.

  • GSL is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

  • UL rated Listed & Labeled with Southwest Research Institute

  • Company only focuses on Fire Safety—no other divisions dilute mission “Fire Safety at All Times.”

Agent Benefits (Arctic Fire-Freeze™)

  • Ready-to-Use formulas.

  • Freeze protected down to -51˚C.

  • Biodegradable, non-corrosive.

  • Low conductivity.

  • Non-toxic thermal barrier.

  • Prevents re-ignition.

  • Liquid agent sprayed as droplets or a mist.

  • Foaming agent blankets pooled fuel fires.

  • Addresses all angles of “Fire Tetrahedron.”

  • Out-performs: Water, Dry chemical, Halon, AFFF, CO2, FM-200, Wetting agents.

Fire Tetrahedron

Agent Benefits to Industry(Arctic Fire-Freeze™)

  • Can be sprayed directly on Slag Hauler/Loader tires prior to contact with molten hazard, coating/preventing tire ignition…proven 40-50% increased tire life.

  • Liquid agent has ability to rapidly cool molten metals, saving high-dollar equipment and down-time with maintenance/repair costs.

  • Same agent can be used for both inside cab and outside (interior and exterior vehicle suppression).

  • “Human-friendly”…safe for use on/near workers.

  • Non-hazmat/environmentally friendly. No Haz-Mat cleanup required. Saving large amounts of dollars/time in cleanup costs.

  • Current agent accredited with 9 certified life saves.

  • Experience with US slag hauling industry (Levy, MultiServ, etc.) documents no other liquid suppression agent performs as well in terms of rapidly extinguishing/cooling molten/tire/engine fires. Nothing else comes close to Arctic Fire-Freeze performance.

Comparative Benefits

  • 30 Gallon system is the only system that sprays for 3:00 minutes, and completely extinguishes the fire, not just knock it down till operator escapes.  The new Kidde system only has the capacity to spray 90 seconds.

  • Arctic Fire-Freeze™ is agent of choice for Edw. C. Levy.

  • MultiServ UK office to move forward the Arctic Fire-Freeze liquid for tire and in-cab systems worldwide.

  • Harry Boben, MultiServ Director of Safety, Quality, Environmental & Equipment: “Arctic Fire-Freeze is the finest fire suppression agent available to our industry to safely protect employees, prolong tire life and rapidly extinguish fires.”

Arctic Fire-Freeze™

Executive Summary (2:51)

Tire Protection

Tire extinguishment video (SwRi)

Agent Comparison

Agent Comparison

Direct Spray on Skin

High Hazard

Tire Spray Installation

Moving tire spray

Pre-treatedTire protection

More than seven minutes of tire protection in molten slag pit.

Engine Fire Spray

Bulk Arctic Fire-Freeze™

  • GSL products are purchased as:

  • 5 Gallon pails

  • 55 Gallon drums

  • 250 Gallon totes

Firefighting Equipment

  • GSL firefighting equipment is purchased as:


  • Unlike current dry chemical and foam systems, Arctic Fire-Freeze™ has rapid cooling properties, prevents re-ignition and is non-toxic to humans and biodegradable to the environment.

  • Over eight years of proven past performance in the highly hazardous steel industry, protecting hundreds of plants, with 9 certified lives saved to date.

  • Cost-effective and affordable Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution that is flexible, adapting into any platform.

  • Survivability of personnel exponentially increases due to stand-alone and combined system effectiveness of Arctic Fire-Freeze™ .

In Cab System

In event of fire, operator places Spentex hood over head. Actuates Pneumatic actuator to release agent


Nozzle aimed at operator crotch area


Roof mount nozzle aimed at drivers head area

In Cab with Hood

Egress System


Stored Pressure cylinders

Heat shield on all hoses


Header nozzle rail, deluges operator egress path


3-nozzle railing complete with caps

Egress System

Egress System


Ladder egress railing


Reverse angle showing nozzle direction.


Back up escape ladder protected as well.

Egress System

Egress System

Note nozzle orientation upwards

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