Back to Basics: International Collection Development on a Shoestring

Back to Basics: International Collection Development on a Shoestring PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Back to Basics: International Collection Development on a Shoestring

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1. Back to Basics: International Collection Development on a Shoestring Nara L. Newcomer Assistant Music Librarian, East Carolina University Joyner Library Paraprofessional Conference, May 15, 2009

3. Varied Aspects Collection development for small libraries on a very restricted budget International school collection development Volunteering and international travel

4. Background

5. Turkey Civilization stretches to the beginnings of ancient history. Modern Republic of Turkey founded 1923.

6. Turkey con’t. Population: 70 million Capital: Ankara (pop. 4 million)

7. Turkey’s Libraries

8. Oasis International School

9. Oasis Library

10. Views from the library windows (3rd floor)

11. Pazar (local market)

12. Istanbul (weekend trip)

13. Arranging an International Experience

14. Arranging an International Experience For more information on opportunities for international librarianship, see: Groves, D. (2007), “Practicing Librarianship Around the World”, Kentucky Libraries, Vol. 71 No. 4, pp. 4-7.

15. Challenges in Collection Building

16. Challenges in Collection Building Two main factors: 1) tight funding 2) international environment Challenges created: obtaining books and supplies building a donation-based collection collection inventory and management school’s international focus

17. Obtaining Books and Supplies English language books not readily available Shipping costs No public libraries!

18. Donation-Based Collections Lots of children’s books & picture books Lots of fiction

19. Donation-Based Collections Very little non-fiction Very few adult/high school materials Insufficient funds to fill in the gaps

20. Collection Inventory and Management Catalog or inventory system lacking Materials hard to find Unnecessary duplicates

21. International Focus U.S.-published books are American-centric But -- more diversity in newer books Students come from many cultures Replacement books difficult to obtain

22. Solutions to Collection Building Challenges

23. Solutions Targeted donations of materials Publishers Others! Non-targeted donations of materials Donations of time (volunteers) Preservation strategies Computerized library system

24. Targeted Donations of Materials I transported nearly 250 lbs of books and materials, most obtained through donations

25. Targeted Donations - Publishers Identify the library’s needs Contact publishers who can meet those needs. Take time to write a convincing request Include all necessary details

26. Targeted Donations - Others Parents (international books) Other interested parties (magazines) Don’t stop with the obvious (book bags)

27. Non-Targeted Donations Harder to deal with, but can still enhance collection Book sale!

28. Donations of Time (Volunteers) Adult volunteers entered data into computer system Student “library helper” program

29. Preservation Strategies Tote bags for elementary students Clear, enforced circulation policy

30. Computerized Library System A necessity, not a luxury Oasis built from scratch Other options: open source, basic inventory-type system

31. Computerized Library System Cataloging Needs: Input data manually Find and import data from free sources (used ) Search and edit existing data   Circulation Needs: Check out materials Check in materials Easily search and retrieve patron records in the database, including by class group View what a patron has checked out View all checked out materials by due date   Public Catalog Needs: Search for material by author, title, or subject keywords View search results, including option to see all data entered while cataloging View location, call number, and whether an item is available for checkout

32. Final Advice

33. Advice - Employ Standards Wisely Use standards when helpful, otherwise, look to the principles behind them. Examples from Oasis: Used Dewey Decimal Abandoned standardized capitalization Followed the principles behind initial articles

34. More advice Seek the advice of experts Today, help can come from miles away Do not be discouraged Focused vision and hard work will make a difference Seize the opportunity! You won’t regret it!

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