Dinner at Made in China at Hua Song
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Dinner at Made in China at Hua Song - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dinner at Made in China at Hua Song. 华颂馆. 16 March 2007. something about Hua Song.

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Presentation Transcript

Dinner at Made in China at Hua Song


16 March 2007

something about Hua Song...

Located in the new wing of Haw Par Villa, Hua Song means "in praise of the Chinese“. It is a museum that showcases the triumphs and struggles of early Chinese immigrants around the world. Exhibits include replicas, mannequin displays, old photos and articles.

...a gastronomical journey

BBQmeat platter

 My special feast…edible glass included

wasabi-mayo prawn in a crispy basket

Hey that’s my mmmmashy pasta!

mushrooms& veg

Errr…this was not on the menu…

mango pudding

...& more!

adorable balloons...

June the balloon artist


MC with balloon earrings

Some people are lucky...


This year’s lucky draw prizes – Capitaland shopping mall vouchers



ohh break neck…

Hardworking waiter…




Alas…my turn





A simple handshake will do…



Haha one rival less for top prize…


& these just make you envy!

Top prize winner!



Collect 6 cards of the same colour by trading unwanted colours with other tables…

Scrambling for Colours...

Patience…must pick a colour first lah

Mission accomplished!

Geet off your bums!

Wait! I choose first!

Alamak! Cannot decide which colour to use…

Ooi don’t fight leh!

What’s going on?! colours with other tables…

Ouch! Not so tight!

...leading the blind

Listening to partner’s verbal instructions from the opposite end, blindfolded party walks towards partner to pass on rubber band using a straw…

Who turned off the lights huh?

Guys, this is not exactly a ladies first occasion!

Don’t block the way ok?!

Yes! They got it! BUT…they’re not the winners…TOO BAD!

our very own colours with other tables…

KUNG FU Masters!

not scissors, paper, stone but... colours with other tables…




Long lost brother!

U can’t beat my tongue

let the battle begin... colours with other tables…

Identity crisis…


~ah goo goo~

What have we done to deserve this?!

Not funny…

Cheat-a-bug! colours with other tables…

Hmm… potential disciples…

Hurry up! Bones are getting stiff…

Gosh! what will my wife think of me?!

Hmm this size just nice… colours with other tables…

He thinks he’s Chun Li?!

...kung fu jackpot

Abang, u hip hopping ah?

If all three guys pose the same move, you win the $ in the kitty!

See lah, never pay attention earlier on…now all devise own kung fu moves…

Lucky girl!

the longs and the shorts... colours with other tables…

You want to ask for short name or long name?

Sir, what is total number of alphabets in your full name…

Pardon me, but your question should be “what is the total number of letters in your full name”…


Aiyo…so violent… colours with other tables…

SHOUT your hearts out!

In search of the loudest-cheering table…do whatever it takes – shout, bang tables, clap, stomp

WAAAAA!!! colours with other tables…

oooo-ee-oo-ee-oo…where are my animals?

Stand up will sound louder meh??


Table game winners! colours with other tables…




Ta Ta For Now! colours with other tables…

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