Separation of powers what s for lunch
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Separation of Powers: What s for Lunch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Separation of Powers: What’s for Lunch?. How would you rate your school’s lunches?. Designing a New Menu :. Today, you and your classmates are in charge of designing a new menu for your school lunches! One catch - it must be healthy!!!

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Separation of powers what s for lunch l.jpg

Separation of Powers:What’s for Lunch?

How would you rate your school s lunches l.jpg
How would you rate your school’s lunches?

Designing a new menu l.jpg
Designing a New Menu:

  • Today, you and your classmates are in charge of designing a new menu for your school lunches!

  • One catch - it must be healthy!!!

  • Second catch – no single student can decide this on his or her own. This will be a group effort!

Round 1 choosing the categories l.jpg
Round 1: Choosing the Categories

  • Role = Lead Chef

  • Examine the menu options.

  • Debate amongst yourselves, and then CIRCLE the 5 categories for your menu upon which you can all agree.

  • Remember, it must be healthy!


Round 2 creating the menu l.jpg
Round 2: Creating the Menu

  • Role: The Writers

  • Using the categories that the “Lead Chef” developed, you are to choose what foods to serve.

  • Tip: Your menu must match the categories that the writers created.


Round 3 move forward or try again l.jpg
Round 3: Move Forward or Try Again?

  • Role = Lead Chef

  • If you agree with what the WRITERS came up with, vote YES for the menu to be made.

  • If you do not like what the WRITERS decided, vote NO. This is a VETO!


Round 4 where to go now l.jpg
Round 4: Where to go now?

  • If the Lead Chef said YES, your menu is one step closer to being made!

  • If the Lead Chef said NO, then the WRITERS must vote again on the menu.

  • If everyone likes the menu you created, it moves ahead.

  • If everyone does not agree, you would try again to write something the Lead Chef would agree with. However, there is not time for this today.


Round 5 evaluating the results l.jpg
Round 5: Evaluating the Results

  • Role: The Judge

  • You have 2 important responsibilities:

  • Decide what “healthy” means.

    (2)Decide if the school lunch menu meets your definition of healthy.


Final result will your lunch be made l.jpg
Final Result: Will your lunch be made?

  • Raise your hand if your lunch will be made?

  • Raise your hand if your lunch will NOT be made?

Quick review what was the goal to make a healthy school lunch l.jpg
Quick Review: What was the goal? To make a healthy school lunch!

  • Round 1:

    • The Lead Chef chose the categories.

  • Round 2:

    • The Writers decided on the menu.

  • Round 3:

    • The Lead Chef said yes or no to the menu.

    • Round 4:

      • The Writers’ menu was approved by voting to overrule the Chef (if needed).

  • Round 5:

    • The Judges evaluated whether the menu was healthy.

  • Final Result:

    • Either the lunch will be made or it will not!

    • If not, this all starts over from the beginning!

  • In order for this to happen what had to occur l.jpg
    In order for this to happen, what had to occur?

    • Each group had to perform its role.

    • Each group had to follow the rules.

    • The final product was a compromise of all three groups.

    Connecting school lunches to your government l.jpg
    Connecting School Lunches to Your Government:

    • The Lead Chef = Executive Branch

    • The Writers = Legislative Branch

    • The Judge = Judicial Branch

    • Your goal = Making School Lunches

    • The 3 Branches’ Goal = Making Laws

    Role 1 the executive branch l.jpg
    Role 1: The Executive Branch

    • Main Part: The President

    • President’s job – There are several!

      • Set important issues for Congress to work on

      • Signs bills into law

      • Or says no, which is called a VETO

      • Is the boss of the government and makes sure the government carries out all the laws

    • Who does the President care about? ALL Americans

    Role 2 the legislative branch l.jpg
    Role 2: The Legislative Branch

    • Main Part: Congress

    • Includes:

      • The House of Representatives

      • The Senate

    • Job: Write and pass bills

    • Who do they care about? Their voters

    Role 3 the judicial branch l.jpg
    Role 3: The Judicial Branch

    • Main Part: The Supreme Court

    • Their job: To make sure the other two branches are playing by the rules!

    • What do they represent? The Constitution, which is the official rulebook for the U.S. government.

    Let s review l.jpg
    Let’s Review:

    • What’s the goal?

      • To make laws!

    • What must happen?

      • Round 1: President sets ideas for bills.

      • Round 2: Congress writes and passes bills.

      • Round 3: President says yes or no (VETO)

    • Round 4: If yes, bill is a law. If no, Congress votes again and tries to override the President.

    • Round 5: Supreme Court evaluates whether the law meets the rules of the Constitution.

    • Final Product: A Law or nothing!

    • If a law … then the lunches will be made!

    Bonus Question: Which branch would make the lunch (i.e.

    carry out the law)?