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Abdullah ibn umar 614 693 ce
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Abdullah ibn Umar 614-693 CE. A Companion of the Prophet. Hadith.

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Abdullah ibn Umar 614-693 CE

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Abdullah ibn umar 614 693 ce

Abdullah ibn Umar 614-693 CE

A Companion of the Prophet



  • It was recorded from Salim ibn Abd-Allah, from his father, that Muhammad said to his father, "Abdullah would be a good man if he would pray the tahajjud prayers (late night prayers)." Salim said: "After that, 'Abdullah would not sleep during the night save for a small amount at a time."



  • Abdullah ibn Umar copied the Prophet immensely. Once the Prophet circled his camel two times before praying somewhere and Abdullah did the same after noticing that.

Lion hearted


  • On a trip, he saw people by the roadside. asked why they were grouped there.There was a lion on the path and they were afraid of crossing it. Abdullah went ahead. He went to the lion, grabbed its ear, spoke to it and walked it away from the path. When asked how he braved such a feat, he explained that one thing that he had learned from the Messenger, upon him be peace, was that if you fear no one and nothing but Allah, Allah will always protect you.



  • It was hard, even impossible to corrupt Abdullah in any manner. In the civil war between the Muslims, he chose not to fight on either side.

Going back for more

Going Back for More

  • Abdullah always wanted to participate in battles.

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