Top Presentations in General

Pippa Middleton marries
by gayekammerer
Vigil for Trinity Gay
by nerozukowski
Marriages and-weddings-in-australia infographic
by markmccrindle

General Presentations

Postcards from Pyongyang
by fulbrightpenney
Weddings and-marriages infographic
by markmccrindle
Scenes from SXSW
by kirkneher
Memorial for Britain's best known clown
by jessiefalconer
World Youth Day
by fantine
Meet the human magnet
by lenorafelder
Lights out in Gaza
by brockgaskins
Vigils for Orlando
by diegoluc
Mourning George Michael
by cicilychasse
Celebrity dads over 60
by jennabergh
Buying a piece of Star Wars
by lorrettaperea
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