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Staff Webinar Presenting the RSVP Re-Competition Webinar to RSVP Grantees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Staff Webinar Presenting the RSVP Re-Competition Webinar to RSVP Grantees. An Overview for State Program Staff May 2010. Today’s Agenda. Review the Purpose of Today’s Webinar Train the Trainer: Trial run of grantee webinar Preparation for Grantee Webinars: Staff Action Items

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Staff Webinar Presenting the RSVP Re-Competition Webinar to RSVP Grantees

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Presentation Transcript

Staff WebinarPresenting the RSVP Re-Competition Webinar to RSVP Grantees

An Overview for

State Program Staff

May 2010

Today’s Agenda

  • Review the Purpose of Today’s Webinar

  • Train the Trainer: Trial run of grantee webinar

  • Preparation for Grantee Webinars: Staff Action Items

  • Your Questions

  • Your Feedback

Review of

Grantee Webinar

RSVP Re-Competition

An Overview for

RSVP Grantees

May 2010

Webinar Purpose

  • To share key information, facts and timelines for RSVP Re-Competition

  • To review the Pre-Competition Evaluation Report that is required in the Serve America Act

  • To invite feedback

Webinar Agenda

  • Edward M Kennedy Serve America Act and changes introduced for Senior Corps programs overall

  • Review Requirements Governing RSVP Re-Competition

  • Review Pre-Competition Evaluation Report

  • Explore other Tools for Project Self-Evaluation

  • Look at Next Steps

  • Ask for your questions and feedback.

RSVP Re-CompetitionWhy?

Because of…

Reauthorization of the Corporation for National and Community Service and its Programs in the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act

Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act

  • Enacted April 21, 2009

  • Reauthorizes and expands national service programs administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service by amending the National and Community Service Act of 1990 (NCSA) and the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973 (DVSA).

Changes Specific to Senior Corps Programs in the Serve America Act

  • Minimum age for SCP and FGP from 60 to 55

  • Income eligibility raised from 125% to 200% of the federal poverty level

  • “Federal Share of hourly stipend may not exceed $3.”

  • Competition for RSVP by 2013

Changes Specific to Senior Corps Programs in the Serve America Act

The biggest change for Senior Corps is re-competition in the RSVP grant portfolio

So…What does this mean?

RSVP Re-Competition Facts

  • Re-competition begins in fiscal year 2013 for the first time

  • Re-competition will be phased in during fiscal years 2013, 2014, and 2015

  • Successful grantees can receive an additional 3 year renewal grant

  • Re-competition continues as the standard protocol after it is introduced beginning in 2013

  • Before re-competition occurs, CNCS must provide RSVP grantees with TTA materials

Serve America Act Requirements Governing RSVP Re-Competition

  • Grants remain at the same level of Federal Funding

  • The number of RSVP volunteers serving remains the same going into the competition

  • The geographic service areas remain the same

  • Disruption of volunteers is minimal

Who is Working on RSVP Re-Competition?

  • A team of RSVP Project Directors, CNCS Field Staff and CNCS HQ Staff was assembled to work on RSVP Re-Competition.

  • Each Cluster is represented.

    Thank-you Re-Competition Team!

RSVP Re-Competition Working GroupProject Directors

RSVP Re-Competition Working GroupCNCS Staff

Timeline:When does RSVP Re-Competition Begin?

Re-Competition is implemented by “Class”:

  • Grant numbers beginning with “10” compete in fiscal year 2013

  • Grant numbers beginning with “08”compete in fiscal year 2014

  • Grant numbers beginning with “09” compete in fiscal year 2015

What Happens Prior to Re-Competition?

The Serve America Act requires CNCS provide an evaluation that “….conveys information of program strengths and weaknesses and assists with program improvement; and be used as the basis for program improvement, and for the provision of training and technical assistance.” (Sec.2143.(5)(A)(B)

About the Pre-Competition Evaluation

  • Each grantee will receive a customized report – also known as the “Evaluation”

  • Reports are for the benefit of the projects and not for CNCS

  • They will not be used to:

    • “Weed out” underperforming sponsors

    • Prevent participation in re-competing

  • Will not add to or subtract points from the rating of the next application

  • The evaluation reports are for the benefit of grantee self improvement and will not be used by CNCS.

When will RSVP Grantees Receive their Customized Pre-Competition Evaluation Reports?


  • Projects will receive evaluation reports based on their grant renewal years:

    Pre-Competition Report Schedule:

  • 2008 Grants: September 2010

  • 2010 Grants: September 2011

  • 2009 Grants: September 2012

What is included in the Pre-Competition Evaluation Report?

Components of

Pre-Competition Evaluations

  • A Pre-Competition Report from Senior Corps

  • A Community Stakeholder Survey

Component 1 Pre-Competition Evaluation Report

Each report includes several chapters:

Chapter 1. Application Quality:

  • A summary of the strengths and suggested improvements from the 2nd-reviewer process based on the sponsor’s last grant renewal

    Chapter 2. Progress and Compliance:

  • A summary of performance measures progress and compliance – as assessed in the most current Monitoring Assessment Checklist

    Chapter 3. Training and Technical Assistance (TTA)

  • Recommendations for project improvement with links to resources

Component 2 of thePre-Competition Evaluation

The Community Stakeholder Survey

The survey helps answer these questions:

  • Does RSVP:

    • Strengthen the community?

    • Provide leadership in the area where they are experts?

    • Provide valuable and rewarding volunteer assignments?

    • Engage in the broader community?

Component 2 (continued)

The Community Stakeholder Survey:

  • Was developed with the input of RSVP Project Directors and the public comment through the OMB process.

  • Is a systematic way for sponsors– using the project’s advisory council, sponsor board, or other group familiar with the RSVP project about the RSVP project - to gain insight and feedback from the community.

  • More ideas about how to deploy the survey and use the results will be shared at the RSVP workshop at the National Conference.

  • The important thing to remember is the survey is for the projects self improvement.

  • The survey is administered locally by the project and results stay with the project.

  • CNCS does not review or analyze results of the survey.

Other Tools and TTA Resources Available Now

  • RSVP Re-Competition Online TA Guide:

    Catalog of TTA materials prepared to help RSVP grantees prepare for re-competition.

  • CNCS Website:

    • The Serve America Act

    • Additional documents will be posted as they are developed.

Learning Opportunity!!!

What’s Next?

We want to hear from you

Please email your questions or comments to

Thank you for your time and attention!


End of Grantee Webinar

State Staff Action Items Prior to Conducting the Webinar for Your RSVP Grantees

  • Customize email template for each RSVP grantee with:

    • Their dates for re-competition and evaluation report

    • The date and time for the webinar in your state

    • The link to the WebEx Meeting

      • Request webinar be set up by Cluster WebEX License Holder

    • Phone number for conference call.

      • Request conference call be set up by Admin Services

  • Send an email invitation to the RSVP Sponsor ED and Project Directors.

    • Each State Office will decide if a separate webinar is needed for PD and ED or if there will be one webinar.

Customize the Email Template

Planning Chart

Planning Tip

Print Presentation with Notes

Print Presentation with Notes

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