Inquiry in Earth Science
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Model for Earth Science Inquiry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inquiry in Earth Science “Earth science is not a narrow set of ideas, but a synthesis of many ideas in science” . Descriptions of Materials, Space and Time. Interpolations and Extrapolations. Interactions of Materials, Space, and Time. Defining Questions. Choosing Methods. Observations.

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Inquiry in Earth Science“Earth science is not a narrow set of ideas, but a synthesis of many ideas in science”

Model for earth science inquiry

Descriptions of Materials, Space and Time

Interpolations and Extrapolations

Interactions of Materials, Space, and Time

Defining Questions

Choosing Methods



Arriving at Solutions


Historical Narratives

Model for Earth Science Inquiry

Defining questions
Defining Questions

  • Types of Questions

    • Descriptions

    • Interpolations/Extrapolations

    • Interactions

Example questions
Example Questions

  • Determine the type of questions on your handout

Selecting methods
Selecting Methods

  • “Unlike investigations in physics or chemistry the methods in Earth science seldom include the direct manipulation of variables expect in the context simulating an Earth process under laboratory conditions”

  • 2 Types

    • Observations

    • Models

Selecting methods1
Selecting Methods

  • Observations

    • Need to consider a range of scales

  • Models

    • Simulations

    • Functional

    • Cyclical

    • Global/Systems

Arriving at solutions
Arriving at Solutions

  • “Solutions to questions in earth science span the range from narrow prescribed answers based on classification to a broad set of answers capturing the complex and dynamic nature of Earth systems”

Arriving at solutions1
Arriving at Solutions

  • Interpretations

    • Attempt to reconcile a set of observations with a goal of testing models

  • Historical Representations

    • Narrative description of the phenomenon or object of inquiry

    • Contributes to a set of investigations or larger problems of interest


  • “Earth science instruction moves the students beyond rote memorization and allows students to embrace the true complexity of the Earth’s systems”