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The City. Story 1.

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story 1
Story 1

When I come to my sister’s place I usually visit the picture gallery. I go there by underground because the streets are overcrowded. In the gallery it is quietly and calmly and I have a real pleasure watching my favourite pictures. Returning home I often have a cup of coffee in the café which is nearby The Opera Theatre. Sometimes I meet my sister after she finishes her work and we do shopping at the supermarket. After silence in the gallery the supermarket seems a real huge noisy ant hill.

story 2
Story 2

When I come to my uncle’s place I usually go to the forest which is not far from the house. I like walking there as I hate overcrowded streets. My uncle sometimes asks me to help him on the farm and I do it with pleasure. Fresh air, lots of animals around and beautiful nature makes me feel as on the other planet. Here there is no rush hour, traffic jam and noisy streets. After crazy life in the city the country seems a real paradise.

explain what the following definitions refer to
Explain what the following definitions refer to
  • money you paid for the taxi
  • crowded traffic at the beginning and the end of the working hours
  • a person who walks along the street
  • to go about to see places of interest
  • a ticket for one or more months
  • a place where you can buy a ticket
  • business part of the town
  • residential part of the town
  • a place at the edge of the sea where the ships stop
give definitions to the following words
Give definitions to the following words
  • dwelling place
  • route
  • suburb
  • escalator
  • taxi
  • accident
  • Lost Property Office
read the texts and match them with the pictures
Read the texts and match them with the pictures

a) The US Capitol

e) The Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

c) The Bell Temple in China

d) The Westminster Abbey

b) The Eiffel Tower

f) The Tower of Pisa

check up
Check up
  • b)
  • e)
  • f)
  • c)
  • a)
  • d)
home assignment
Home Assignment

Imagine that you’ve won a trip to any city of the world. What places would you visit in the city? Whom would you prefer to go with? What kind of transport would you choose?

Composition “My Dream City”


The Fastest Train

  • look at the title and say what is this text about?
  • how do you think where did the action take place?
  • you’ll meet three characters in the text, guess where are they from?
put the sentences in the right order
Put the sentences in the right order
  • An American said, “You must come to America”.
  • A Frenchman said. “In my country the trains are very fast”.
  • An Englishman told that they pour water under wheels in their country.
  • Three men were boasting about how fast the trains went in their countries.

Choose the correct answer:

Who were boasting about fast trains?

  • three Americans;
  • a Frenchman, an American and a German;
  • a Frenchman, an Englishman and an American;
  • a Frenchman, an Englishman and an Australian.

Continue the sentence:

But the train went so fast that I kissed … instead.

  • a bull;
  • a cow;
  • a sheep;
  • a goat.
grammar point
Grammar Point

What do

Real Conditionals



Real Conditionals

The pattern:

Present Tense + Future Tense


What do

Unreal Conditionals I



Unreal Conditionals I

The pattern:

Past Indefinite + would V(1)


What do

Unreal Conditionals II



Unreal Conditionals II

The pattern:

Past Perfect + would have V(3)

put the verb into the appropriate tense
Put the verb into the appropriate tense
  • If they (play) better, they would have won the match.
  • If I knew the answer, I (tell) you.
  • If it (rain), we’ll go to the theatre.
  • If you had got up earlier, we (not miss) the train.
  • I wouldn’t marry that awful girl if I (be) you
  • I will go to the cinema with you if you (get) tickets.
  • If they offered more money, I (apply).
talking situation
Talking situation

Imagine you and your friends are visiting London for the first time and hesitating about getting to any place, because you don’t know exact directions. Ask a passer-by for directions.