Data statistics and its relation to baltimore
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Data & Statistics and Its Relation to Baltimore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Data & Statistics and Its Relation to Baltimore. Caitlin Breitenbach, Laura Klipp, Kelsey Philon, Michael Remmert, Paul Monteferrante. Data and Statistics. Data and statistics can be defined as individual facts or items of information

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Data statistics and its relation to baltimore

Data & Statisticsand Its Relation to Baltimore

Caitlin Breitenbach, Laura Klipp, Kelsey Philon,

Michael Remmert, Paul Monteferrante

Data and statistics
Data and Statistics

  • Data and statistics can be defined as individual facts or items of information

  • These facts or items of information can be found in a variety of sources


  • Data is generally always correct because it is published by government organizations

  • There are no if, and’s, or but’s

    • Either it’s a fact or it’s not

Where to look
Where to Look?

  • These are sources available to the public in different forms

    • Books

    • Magazines

    • Internet

    • Newspapers

    • Various others

What data
What Data?

  • Population

  • Crime Rate

  • School Statistics

  • Poverty Rate

  • Health Statistics

  • Neighborhood Statistics

  • Workforce

  • Religion

  • Demographics


  • Where?


    • Relatively Easy to find

    • Easy to trust (government website)

Crime rate
Crime Rate

  • Crime Rates are specific to cities

  • Where?


      • Site posted crime rates provided by the FBI from 1960-2005 by county or surrounding areas

School statistics
School Statistics

  • School Statistics also are provided on a county by county basis

  • These can be located on the Maryland State Department of Education website


      • Also a trusted site, run by government offices

Poverty rate
Poverty Rate

  • These rates also vary by state, city, and towns throughout the country


      • This is reliable because the statistics are posted by an independent research company who conducts research and surveys throughout Maryland

Health statistics
Health Statistics

  • Published health statistics are published and are available through the Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene


    • Trusted (Government Site)


  • Neighborhood Statistics were surprisingly easy to locate on a site that is ran by Baltimore City



  • These are found by researching the Department of Labor


Religion demographics
Religion & Demographics

  • Religion was almost impossible to find because it is a constantly changing statistic

  • Demographics however, are located almost anywhere you look


      • This site can be trusted because it is a municipal research company whose sole purpose is to provide statistics of cities, that went from a newsletter to exclusively online in 2003

Data statistics
Data & Statistics

  • Overall

    • Data pertaining to cities is very easy to find

    • Strengths include accuracy, ability to trust

    • Weakness include being current with data (most current)

    • Easy to trust sites include government sites and sites affiliated with the government

      • If there are doubts, read the “About Us” link most reputable websites have

        • If there is further doubt, DON’T USE IT