hurricane preparation
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Hurricane Preparation

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Hurricane Preparation. You are the person most responsible for your safety!. Hurricane Preparation. After a major hurricane, be prepared to be on your own for at least 3 days. Help will come, but may be delayed. Hurricane Preparation.

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hurricane preparation
Hurricane Preparation

You are the person most responsible for your safety!

hurricane preparation1
Hurricane Preparation

After a major hurricane, be prepared to be on your own for at least 3 days. Help will come, but may be delayed.

hurricane preparation2
Hurricane Preparation

Lee County Government wants you to be prepared in the event a storm threatens Southwest Florida.

hurricane preparation3
Hurricane Preparation

The following information will help you protect your family and home in case a hurricane approaches Lee County.

hurricane preparation before the storm
Hurricane PreparationBefore the Storm


  • Know the risks to your safety.
    • high wind
    • storm surge
    • freshwater flooding
  • Identify a safer location if required to evacuate.
  • Use Public Shelters as a last resort.
hurricane preparation before the storm1
Hurricane PreparationBefore the Storm
  • Cover windows and doors with shutters or shielding materials.
  • Bring in lawn furniture, garbage cans and other lightweight objects.
  • If officials order you to evacuate your home, do so immediately.
  • Never stay in a Manufactured Home if asked to evacuate.
hurricane preparation before the storm2
Hurricane PreparationBefore the Storm
  • Wedge sliding glass doors in the track.
  • Brace the garage door.
  • Fill your car with fuel.
  • Turn off and secure propane tanks.
  • Fill the bathtub and containers with water for sanitary use.
  • Set refrigerator to the coldest setting.
hurricane preparation before the storm3
Hurricane PreparationBefore the Storm
  • Have plenty of spare batteries for radios, flashlights and toys.
  • If you stay home, have plenty of emergency food and water.
  • Buy or freeze extra ice. Keep three bags per person if space allows.
  • Block ice will keep longer in a cooler than crushed or cubed ice.
hurricane preparation before the storm4
Hurricane PreparationBefore the Storm
  • Turn off utilities if authorities order.
  • Refill prescription medications.
  • Waterproof important documents.
  • Arrange to safeguard your boat.
  • Make arrangements for your pets. They are not allowed in shelters.
  • Service animals are not pets. They are allowed in shelters.
  • Include pet/service animal supplies.
hurricane preparation before the storm5
Hurricane PreparationBefore the Storm
  • Do not drain your swimming pool. (Lower the water about 12 inches.)
  • Monitor the Lee County EOC website for information.
hurricane preparation during the storm
Hurricane PreparationDuring the Storm
  • Stay in an interior room, like a closet or bathroom.
  • Stay away from doors and windows.
  • Closely monitor radio, TV or NOAA Weather Radio for official bulletins.
hurricane preparation during the storm1
Hurricane PreparationDuring the Storm
  • Remain indoors during the storm, even when the “eye” passes over.
  • Avoid using corded electrical appliances and corded telephones.
hurricane preparation after the storm
Hurricane PreparationAfter the Storm
  • Stay away until authorities say it is safe to return.
  • Inspect your home for safety hazards.
  • Do not travel unnecessarily or sightsee.
hurricane preparation after the storm electrical restoration
Hurricane PreparationAfter the Storm – Electrical Restoration

Electrical Utilities have detailed plans to restore your electricity. Service will generally be restored according to the following priorities.

  • Power plants, transmission lines and substations
  • Main lines to critical infrastructure functions
  • Other main lines to bring the largest number of customers on in the quickest time possible
  • Neighborhood (block-by-block) restoration
hurricane preparation generator safety
Hurricane PreparationGenerator Safety
  • NEVER run your generator indoors.
  • All generators produce deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO).
    • CO is Colorless, Odorless and Tasteless.
  • Install a CO detector for added safety.
hurricane preparation generator safety1
Hurricane PreparationGenerator Safety
  • Unless you have a transfer switch, do not connect your generator to your home’s electrical system.
  • Plug appliances directly into the generator outlets.
    • Use heavy duty, outdoor rated extension cords.
    • Do not overload the generator with too many things at once.
hurricane preparation prepare your supplies
Hurricane PreparationPrepare Your Supplies
  • A change of clothing and sturdy shoes
  • Cash, identification and important papers
  • Prescription medicines and spare eyeglasses
  • Special items for elderly or disabled (adaptive aids and specialty supplies)
hurricane preparation prepare your supplies1
Hurricane PreparationPrepare Your Supplies
  • One gallon of water per person per day for a minimum of 3 days
  • Food that does not require cooking
  • Disposable eating/cooking utensils
  • Manual can/bottle opener
  • Baby items: food, diapers, powder, etc.
hurricane preparation prepare your supplies2
Hurricane PreparationPrepare Your Supplies
  • Portable radio and extra batteries
  • Flashlights with extra batteries and bulbs
  • Corded telephone (works without household electricity)
  • Plastic trash bags
  • Supplies for pets and service animals
hurricane preparation shelter living
Hurricane PreparationShelter Living
  • Not all shelters are open for all events.
  • Know the location of several shelters near you.
  • Listen to the media for open shelters.
  • Transportation may be available…
    • via Special LeeTran Bus Routes.
    • through Special Needs Shelter Program (call 533-3640 for information).
hurricane preparation shelter living1
Hurricane PreparationShelter Living


  • If you have special medical needs, register with the County’s Special Needs Shelter program.
  • Call 533-3640 for more information on the Special Needs Shelter Program.
hurricane preparation shelter living2
Hurricane PreparationShelter Living
  • Bring personal hygiene items.
  • Bring blankets and/or a cot for sleeping.
  • Bring quiet toys and games for kids.
  • Bring comfort foods and snacks.
  • Be considerate of others.
hurricane preparation shelter living3
Hurricane PreparationShelter Living
  • Pets are not allowed in public shelters unless the shelter is designated “pet friendly”.
  • Contact Emergency Management for “pet friendly” shelter information.
  • Service animals are not pets. They are allowed in all shelters.
  • Do not bring alcoholic beverages or weapons.
  • Smoking is not allowed in public shelters.
important numbers lee county
Important NumbersLee County
  • Emergency Operations Center 533-3622
  • Storm Information Hotline 477-1900 (only when activated)
  • United Way Information (anytime) 211
  • Red Cross 278-3401
  • Emergency Medical Service 335-1600
  • Salvation Army 278-1551
  • Health Department 332-9501
  • Animal Services 432-2083
important numbers law enforcement
Important NumbersLaw Enforcement
  • Lee County Sheriff 477-1000
  • Cape Coral Police 574-0606
  • Ft. Myers Police 338-2160
  • Sanibel Police 472-3111
  • Florida Highway Patrol 278-7100
  • Florida Fish & Wildlife 332-6966
  • US Coast Guard 463-5754
important numbers hospitals
Important NumbersHospitals
  • Health Park Medical Ctr. 433-7799

9981 Health Park Circle, Ft. Myers

  • Lee Memorial Hospital 332-1111

2776 Cleveland Avenue, Ft. Myers

  • SW Florida Regional Med Ctr. 939-1147

2727 Winkler Avenue, Ft. Myers


important numbers hospitals1
Important NumbersHospitals
  • Cape Coral Hospital 574-2323

636 Del Prado Blvd., Cape Coral

  • Lehigh Regional Medical Ctr. 369-2101

1500 Lee Blvd., Lehigh Acres

  • Gulf Coast Hospital 768-5000

13681 Doctors Way, Ft. Myers


for more information
For More Information
  • Call Lee County Emergency Management at 239-533-3622
  • Attend a community hurricane seminar. (Call or visit our website for a schedule)
  • Review the ALL HAZARDS GUIDE.(Call or visit our website for a copy)
  • Internet: or

Watch this channel for continuing updates and information issued by the Lee County Emergency Operations Center.