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Joe’s Y4 Review. Celtic weapon. Here are some things about Roman’s and Celtic people. Romans had extremely nice villa’s. Celtic people were organised and grew barley crops and lived peacefully.

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Joe’s Y4 Review

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Joe’s Y4 Review

Celtic weapon

Here are some things about Roman’s and Celtic people

Romans had extremely nice villa’s

Celtic people were organised and grew barley crops and lived peacefully

Now I am going to show you some things about moving and growing…Watch the moving pictures come to life!!!

moving and growingYour muscles work in pairs while you move your arm one relaxes and one contract.

your brain is protected by your skull and your rib cage protects your lungs, heart, kidneys and some more…

Measuring accurately I will now show you some facts about measuring and how to measure accurately…

If you don’t measure correctly mistakes can happen, but when you use the right tool you may measure it right.Otherwise this willHappen…

Verbs and in verbsIn verbs and verbs are like describing words for example, quickly, fast, and bossy words like, after that, do, firstly.

Explanation textsexplanation texts are things that explain things interesting. And a text is telling you something important.

HinduismHinduism is religious faith that Hindus believe in when Hindus are born they put kum kum powder on to say they are a Hindu.

Roman school trip!When I went on my trip we leant what the roman town was called (Verulamium) after a 350ad the town got old and started to fall down.

Outdoor P.EWhen it is tennis we join up with a partner and start doing rallying and vollying.

Indoor P.EIndoor p.e is more fun than outside p.e because you get the apparatus out, and we get out the wall bar.

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