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Sport Club Council. 2/26/14. Marketing Presentation. Sport Club Assignments. Tyler Spencer – all clubs Kendall Knott [email protected] (785) 864-4519

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Sport club assignments
Sport Club Assignments

  • Tyler Spencer – all clubs

  • Kendall [email protected] (785) 864-4519

  • Baseball, Bowling, Crew, Jiu Jitsu, Men’s Lacrosse, Women’s Lacrosse, Marksmanship, Quidditch, Sailing, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Men’s Ultimate, Women’s Ultimate, Waterski

  • Mykala [email protected] (785) 864-4519

  • Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, DanceSport, Disc Golf, Fencing, Judo, Ki Aikido, Kumdo/Kendo, Racquetball, Rock Climbing, Men’s Rugby, Women’s Rugby, Running, Table Tennis, Tae Kwon Do, Women’s Volleyball

Contact Information

  • Tyler Spencer

  • Mary Chappell

    • Director – Recreation Services

    • 103 ASRFC

    • 864-0789

  • Jill Urkoski

    • Associate Director, Program Management

    • 103E ASRFC

    • 864-0798

  • Patti Anderson

  • Aaron Quisenberry

    • SILC Coordinator

    • 400 Kansas Union

    • 864-4861

  • Rec Info Line

    • Field Conditions Hotline

    • 864-3456

Budget Requests

  • Consist of Supplemental Requests &/or Capital Improvement Requests

  • About once a month (refer to schedule in Handbook) the Executive Board will meet to hear Budget Requests

  • The deadline for any requests is the Friday before the next meeting

  • Eligibility:

    • New clubs can request funds to help with initial expenses

    • Clubs ineligible for restricted fee allocation can request funds but they will not exceed the amount they would have received if eligible, up to Executive Board discretion

    • Requests should be for one-time or reasonably unexpected purchases

    • Requests can be for travel if unexpected (regional/national tournament) and is not a yearly custom of the club

  • Form T (“Budget Request”)

Capital Improvement

Capital Improvement


  • Must submit proposal to Sport Club Executive Board (SCEB) by spring deadline (5/2/14)

  • Proposal will be voted on by SCEB and final approval will come from SC Coordinator

  • All/some/none of the proposal can be approved

  • Cannot be used for travel. Examples of items that can be purchased: jerseys, boat (partial), ergometer, blocking dummies, goals, etc.

  • Each year based on $9000 and nine initial clubs ($1000 each possible).

  • If there is at least $1000 not used in a year, the next club on the list will be given an opportunity to submit a proposal. This will continue within a given year if another $1000 becomes available.

  • Trades can be made spot for spot. Must be approved by both club presidents and Sport Club Coordinator.

  • Clubs can combine their allocation with another club for a larger purchase as long as both clubs fall within the same year.

  • Clubs that would like to delay their purchase will be moved to the bottom of the list.

Eligible Clubs

Eligible Clubs

Wait List Clubs

  • Quidditch

  • Disc Golf

  • Boxing

  • Bowling

  • Judo

  • Rock Climbing

  • Ki Aikido

  • DanceSport

  • Men’s Rugby

  • Women’s Ultimate

  • Jiu Jitsu

  • Softball

Level 5 Clubs

  • Must have 8 members

  • Must charge at least $5 per member (with a minimum GI of $40)

  • Restricted fee allocation is $75

  • Requirements:

    • Must attend both Workshop Policy Meetings (Beginning of each semester)

    • Do not have to attend Sport Club Council Meetings

    • May not apply for Supplemental Requests

    • Not eligible for Capital Improvement

    • May travel 1 time per semester

  • Necessary Paperwork:

    • Constitution, Officer’s List, Facility Agreement, Coaches Applications, SILC Registration, Facility Requests, Renewal of Recognition

Sc travel

SC Travel


Preferred Vendors

  • The following vendors have approached the Sport Club offices to offer their products. Some offer special discounts, some offer product longevity, some are simply reasonable prices on equipment/services clubs normally need, etc. Clubs have previously used most, but not all of these companies, please notify sport club staff of a good or bad experience with them so we can continue to recommend the companies that will benefit you most!

  • Remember, all sport club policies apply towards purchases (even with these vendors)!

Preferred Vendors – Apparel/Gear

Preferred Vendors – Car Rental

Preferred Vendors - Hotels

Premier Auto Co.

Ryan Blum

2332 Haskell Ave, Ste A

Lawrence KS 66046

(785) 841-6200 office

Business Hours:  8am-5:30pm M-F, 9am-1pm Sat

Francis Sporting Goods (Adidas Apparel)

Patrick Woods

785-856-2189 *104

[email protected]

Holiday Inn (for hosting in town)

Katy McConnell


[email protected]

Motel 6 / Studio 6


Corporate ID #: CP545316


1008 W. 23rd

Lawrence, KS 66046



(800) 654-3131 office

Only for out of state airport rental cars.

Please book rental and then contact Tyler to make payment

Ultimate Athletics (UA)

Mike Bergkamp


[email protected]

Editable Appendices Online

All appendices on the website are now electronically editable

You can also access the appendices through the SC printer


*** Please use a pdf editor OTHER THAN Adobe PreviewAND DO NOT use Internet Explorer

SC Weight Room

  • For all sport clubs, there is a Weight Room available for use in the basement of the ASRFC.

  • If your club is interested in using the weight room, schedule a training session with the Personal Training Program Manager at [email protected]

  • You can only use the weight room when your club has it scheduled

  • Two people must be present whenever it is being used.

  • Must have an Omni lock passcode to use

  • All rules are in the handbook

Equipment Checkout

  • Low profile cones w/ carrier

  • Tall Cones

  • Igloo 5 Gallon Cooler

  • Field painting string

  • 2 point and shoot digital cameras

  • Digital SLR Camera

  • Sony Handycam video camera

  • Tripods

  • GPS

  • Extension Cords

  • Field Liners

  • Tables and chairs

  • Folding Canopy

  • White and orange field paint

  • 6 ft by 8 ft trailer

Submit an equipment request form

Coaching and Student IDs

  • Please submit a form to Tyler for Coaching IDs approval, once it is approved your coaches can come get IDs from the administrative office.

  • Don’t forget YOUR OWN Student ID (or set up your biometric scan) to get into the ASRFC every time you use the facility. Simply being a Sport Club member does NOT grant you entry to the ASRFC.

  • Coaches will only be able to enter the ASRFC during your club’s practice times.


  • Obtaining an OMNI Code:

    • Email Tyler regarding obtaining an OMNI code

      • Email him with a 4 digit code

    • You will then receive confirmation and instructions

  • These are personal codes not to be shared with people in your club

    • You are responsible for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in the Weight Room


  • Remember that if you need anything for practice or games at Shenk please ask us first.

  • While out at Shenk the SC Supervisor on duty will be your point of contact.

  • IMPORTANT: Shenk fields will be closed through the end of Spring Break!

Restricted Fee

  • Can be used for:

    • Travel

    • Tournament/Game official’s pay

    • Equipment costs

      • NOTE: This will be inventoried so this equipment MUST stay with the club!

    • Advertising (up to $175)

    • CLUB membership to associations or organizations

    • Guest Instructor

      • Workshop with Expert

  • CANNOT be used for:

    • Coaching services

    • Social functions

    • Insurance

    • Personal items (Items you intend to take when you are finished)

    • Individual memberships to associations or organizations

    • Individual event registration for alumni, ASRFC faculty/staff or coaches

    • Food or Alcohol

Allocation Hearing

Exec Board presentation