Enpi fleg in russia major results and outcomes andrey zaytsev iucn enpi fleg coordinator for russia
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ENPI-FLEG in Russia Major results and outcomes Andrey Zaytsev PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ENPI-FLEG in Russia Major results and outcomes Andrey Zaytsev IUCN ENPI-FLEG Coordinator for Russia. ENPI - FLEG PCT meeting Brussels, June 10, 2010. Background.

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ENPI-FLEG in Russia Major results and outcomes Andrey Zaytsev

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ENPI-FLEG in Russia

Major results and outcomes

Andrey Zaytsev

IUCN ENPI-FLEG Coordinator for Russia

ENPI - FLEG PCT meeting Brussels, June 10, 2010


  • Introduction of the Forest Code in 2007 seriously complicated legal forest resources utilization and control as well as law-enforcement practices.

  • Transfer of forest management duties to regional governments level resulted in quite uneven situation with corruption, illegal logging, forest management, public awareness and information access across the country.

  • Tens of thousands of foresters jobs (former employees of lesnichestva) were cut in 2008-2009.

  • There is a rapidly growing understanding among stakeholders of all levels (up to the Federal Ministry) that the current legal situation may lead to irreversible consequences.

  • Introduction of the Federal Law No 8 secured rights of the broad audience for access to information about forestry sector issues.

ENPI - FLEG PCT meeting Brussels, June 10, 2010

Sharing efforts between three IO’s

  • The World Bank – work with authorities (close cooperation with the Ministry for Agriculture Forestry and Hunting Department) and academia; anticorruption actions and trainings

  • WWF – Businesses, customs, traders; illegal logging and in-depth legal analysis

  • IUCN – Civil society, local communities and small businesses; public engagement, local initiatives, analytics + information support&coverage.

  • NPAC is a truly working body helping to disseminate Program outcomes.

Created partnerships

  • ENPI-FLEG Russia developed active working relations with following main stakeholders:

  • Federal level – Russian State Duma Committee on the Environment; Ministry for Agriculture, Ministry for Economic Development, Federal Forestry Agency (A.Grigoriev is a member of the Public Council there), North-Western Division of the Forest Service, Russian Chamber of Commerce; Russian Customs;

  • Regional level – Administrations of Khabarovskiy and Krasnoyarskiy Krais, Arkhangelskaya, Pskovskaya oblasts;

  • Local level – Municipal administrations in Pskovskaya, Arkhangelskaya oblasts, Krasnoyarsky, Khabarovskiy and Primorskiy Krais.

ENPI - FLEG PCT meeting Brussels, June 10, 2010

Created partnerships

  • Businesses – Numerous local businesses, Association of the forest businesses of Nizhegorodskaya Oblast;

  • NGOs – 5 youth organizations, Association of PNAs of North-Western Russia, ca 10 forest-related and environmental NGOs from 8 Russian regions.

  • Mass media – Federal environmental magazine “Ecology and life”, ITAR-TASS news agency, local newspapers

Selected achievements

  • Major hurdles on the way of the legal forest use by local communities are defined.

    • Polls and publications analysis demonstrated that this is not corruption or organized crime but complicated legislation and procedures.

  • Lack of information is noted and addressed

    • Only 32 out of 89 Regional Forestry authorities have their websites which are in compliance with the Federal Law No 8 “On guaranteeing access to information …”. Certain actions are taken to improve the situation (see below)

  • Youth organizations and NGOs are mobilized

    • There are proposals from three youth and five environmental NGOs to become Program’s resource centers. New partner – NW Russia PNAs Association – interesting development.

ENPI - FLEG PCT meeting Brussels, June 10, 2010

“Bezhanitsy case”

  • Small forested community in the Pskov region (only 2 hours driving from the EU).

  • The workgroup from local stakeholders on improving situation with the FLEG at the local level is formed.

  • The Roadmap is created (under supervision of IUCN consultants).

  • “Bezhanitsy case” induced start-up of cooperation with ENPI-CBC Program at the level of Pskovskaya Oblast.

  • The workgroup has already helped to raise $ 7500 co-funding from EDSP (Danish Government) for promoting local touristic infrastructure development as the alternative way of the forest resources utilization.

  • Expressed willingness of replication from Primorye (Terneyskyraion) with proposed co-funding.

ENPI - FLEG PCT meeting Brussels, June 10, 2010

Information coverage

  • Five papers in “Ecology and life” magazine (24 000 copies, Federal coverage)

  • Three stories at ITAR TASS news agency website (disseminated in regional newspapers)

  • Several communications in the local newspapers

  • National ENPI-FLEG webpage opened at:

  • fleg.forest.ru

  • (forest.ru has up to 30 000 hits a week)

  • Routine informing of stakeholders on the FLEG developments (e-mail list with 900 confirmed addresses)

  • Coverage at wwf.ru forest section.

  • First information bulletin is being prepared for printing and distribution.

ENPI - FLEG PCT meeting Brussels, June 10, 2010

Regional aspects

  • Experience on ecotourism in Belarus (agrarian estates) being prepared for transfer to Russia – Demand of Russian stakeholders.

  • EU workshop on the new legal initiatives related to FLEGT (March 26, 2010, Moscow) and the preceding PCTs meeting in Moscow – experience and information exchange between the countries.

  • Distant horizontal information, skills and procedures exchange between PCTs increases institutional capacity of the whole team.

  • Involvement of other ENPI countries experts in Russian national events and consultations (anticipated work of Ukrainian specialists at the seminar in Krasnoyarsk devoted to economic and social consequences assessment of ineffective forest management)

  • Growing potential of cross-border EU-Russia cooperation (will be discussed with ENPI-CBC Program specialists in Pskov).

ENPI - FLEG PCT meeting Brussels, June 10, 2010

  • As a result the ENPI-FLEG Program and IO’s work is generally appreciated and highly appraised by stakeholders at all levels and results and deliverables are valued.

  • Indicators:

  • Positive evaluation by NPAC

  • Over a hundred unprovoked requests for information and details of the Program.

  • Existing examples of co-funding at the local level.

  • Expressed interest of cooperation from international donors and Russian authorities at all levels.

ENPI - FLEG PCT meeting Brussels, June 10, 2010

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