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New Functions You Should Know Before iOS 10 Update

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New Functions You Should Know Before iOS 10 Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I guess you cannot wait upgrading your iPhone/iPad to the latest version. But before iOS 10 update, there are some new function you should know, including raise to wake, press the home button to unlock, anti harassment call, and many more.

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New Functions You Should Know Before iOS 10 Update

Finally, Apple has officially launch iOS 10. I guess you cannot wait upgrading your iPhone/iPad to the latest version. But before iOS 10 update, there

are some new functions you should know, including raise to wake, press the home button to unlock, anti harassment call, and many more. Below is a

detailed introduction.

1. Raise to Wake

Let\'s, first of all, talk about the extremely practical and convenient function. In iOS 10, you will not need to wake up your iPhone by pressing on the

home button. Now, once picking up the device, it will wake up in no time. This is a piece of good news for those who just want to wake up and phone

and see the time but unexpectedly unlock the iPhone 6s with fingerprint. However, this feature is allowed in some new types, including iPhone SE,

iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus.

2. Brand-new Way to Lock and Unlock

Do you still remember the first time when Steve Jobs released the "Slide to Unlock" feature? When iOS 10 is available, the "Slide to Unlock" will

quick the stage of iOS. In iOS 10, you can unlock your phone by pressing the Home button. If your iPhone supports fingerprint to unlock, just slightly

put your finger on the Home button, you can unlock your phone without pressing on the button. If this doesn\'t work, go to "Settings" > "General"

"Accessibility". Then set to unlock your phone slightly.

This feature has also been applied to the Camera app. From now on, you can launch the Camera app on a locked phone by just left sliding the screen.


3. Revamped Notification Center

The revamped notification center, characterized by Sportlight search, quick access and rich notification, will bring your great convenience to you.

First of all, from the new notification center, you can find the notification on the rounded cards displayed on the screen. This can be not as practical as

that in iOS 9. As for the visual effect, it depends.

Second, a new feature we have to mention is that, the Sportlight search function is introduced to notification center in addition to the main screen.

Third, there is new quick access to the notification. From iPhone 6s to iPhone 7, you will need to quickly deal with your notifications with 3D Touch.

On old devices, you need to left slide and press "Checkin" button. Then you can further process your notifications.

Last is the rich notification. Let\'s take iMessage app as an example. The rich notification allows you to see the pictures, watch the videos and quickly

reply a message direct from the notification center without entering the iMessage app.

4. Anti-harassment and Internet Call

Previously, iOS is able to show the country or city of a strange call. And it allows users to add a number into the blacklist. Now iOS 10 has further


improved this feature by recognizing whether a call is a harassing phone call or not. But this requires a third-party app for support. The user can select

the appropriate software according to their own habits.

5. App Store in iMessage

App Store is built in iMessage. In this App Store, you can download all kinds of apps to iMessage which is compatible. For example, you can, in

iMessage, scan files with Scanbot, transfer files to Evernote, send Super Mario sticker and ever play checks.

6. Smart Gallery

iOS 10 Gallery has attracted a lot of new fans. Previously, we have said that Google Gallery is the best photo management tool. Now iOS 10 gallery

has made great stride to become a smart gallery. Now, in addition to supporting managing files according to time and spot, it supports human face



Moreover, there is another function in the spotlight – the "Memory" feature. It is able to create a intelligent gallery which collects photos captured in a

same place. This will get your rid of arranging numerous photos manually. And it can automatically create a video with transition effect and music.

You can add or delete pictures.

7. Better Apple Map

Users have complained Apple Map for many years. Now, it is becoming better and better. In terms of functionality, Apple Map is able to recommend

searching result according to your information intelligently. For example, when you open the map at home in the morning, it will prompt you when you

can arrive at the office together with the traffic condition.

In addition, with the support of third-party service and database, the Apple Map grows stronger. For instance, when you arrive at a place, you can call

for cab-hailing service in the app and then a third party for that will offer the service for you.

8. More Open Siri

The open Siri can do more for you. More specifically, you can require Siri to ask a third-party to help you. In the App Store, search Siri application.

Then you can locate all apps which support Siri. However, there are also flaws in this new feature. Maybe in the future, Apple will improve it.


9. Redesigned Apple Music and Health

Now, let us talk about the redesigned Apple Music application.

In iOS 10, you will have "Library", "For You", "Browse", "Radio" and "Search" at the bottom of the app. Besides, every page of the app is redesigned.

Compare with that in iOS 9, Apple in iOS 10 is much more clear and orderly.

Similar to Apple Music, the Health App is also revamped. Apple has not add new functions to the Health app. However, some videos about health are

uploaded to this app.


10. Bedtime and Wake Alarm

Unexpectedly, the Clock app is also updated in iOS 10. The interface is black, which won\'t be sharp at night and won\'t do harm to your eyes. Besides,

the Bedtime and Wake alarm feature can alert you to go to bed on time and record your sleeping time. This will keep your well-rested.