Daily rap b uilding s chool community accountability c ollective resolution
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Daily Rap B uilding S chool Community Accountability & C ollective Resolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Daily Rap B uilding S chool Community Accountability & C ollective Resolution. Tell me what do you see?. A New A pproach: B uilding A School C ommunity.

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Daily Rap B uilding S chool Community Accountability & C ollective Resolution

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Daily RapBuilding School Community Accountability & Collective Resolution

Tell me what do you see?

A New Approach:Building A School Community

The current challenges in education- including truancy, alarming dropout rates, disciplinary problems, and violence- need to be addressed in effective and creative ways. Teacher need to be able to positively address behavior issues so that more time can be spent teaching.

The Daily Rap focuses on building relationships and sense of community

It is a tool that can help teachers and administrators build a positive school climate in which young people fell connected- the best environment for learning to take place.


Actively engage students in dialogue about issues that

concern them.

Students create their own solutions.

Appropriately address the consequences of an act.

Talk with students, rather than to them or for them.

Engage young people in a way that is supportive and respectful .

Empower students to be accountable to each other.


Positive school culture

Fewer Behavior Problems

Productive Learning Environments

Benefits of Daily Rap

  • Builds

    empathy, verbal skills, emotional intelligence, self-concept, communication skills, social skills, relationships, accountability and responsibility

  • Reinforces: Current practices in the school, Communication as a way to keep conflicts from escalating into violence, Discipline as learning

  • Prevents: small conflicts from turning into incidents of violence

  • Lays the foundation for: self-advocacy, Conflict resolution, Lifelong commitment to constructive problem solving

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Class Projects

What is a project at TSS ?

  • A project is a creative assignment that reflects a skill or concept that has been taught in class. It is a presentation demonstrated by the students to show understanding or mastery of a concept.

What should be included in a project?

  • The following items are included:

    • Each project should have a title

    • Full direction on how to complete assignment

    • Grading scale & rubric

    • Project outcome

    • Teacher reflection

    • Date assignment was given and date assignment is due

How Often Do We Create Projects

  • Each class should create a minimum of two projects per trimester for a total of six projects for the year from each teacher.

  • This should give each student a total of 30 projects by the end of the school year.

  • This will allow the student to have a wide range of projects to select from for exhibition.

What Is The Purpose of projects?

  • Projects give students a fun and exciting way to demonstrate understanding or mastery of a skill or concept.

  • It gives the students a chance to be creative and express their thoughts and feelings regarding a skill or concept.

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