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Theory Interest Group. Closing plenary Victoria, May 19 2006. Sessions I + II. Registry for theorists (Ray Plante) Characterisation for theorists (Mireille Louys) UCDs for theorists: computation namespace (Laurie Shaw) SSAP for theorists: TSAP (Pedro Osuna)

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Theory interest group

Theory Interest Group

Closing plenary

Victoria, May 19 2006

Closing plenary

Sessions i ii
Sessions I + II

  • Registry for theorists (Ray Plante)

  • Characterisation for theorists (Mireille Louys)

  • UCDs for theorists: computation namespace (Laurie Shaw)

  • SSAP for theorists: TSAP (Pedro Osuna)

  • DAL for theorists: Implementation of a SNAP-like service for the TVO (Claudio Gheller)

Closing plenary

Main conclusion
Main conclusion

  • Registration onf non-standard services possible already now

  • Characterisation promising approach applicable to theory data.

  • Synthetic spectra TSAP:

    • Can be subsumed in SSAP if:

      • POS not required, if provided, return null result (same with SIZE, TIME)

      • FORMAT=METADATA (or request=getCapabilities) must remain

    • Registration possible

      • once registry accepts “SSA” as standard service type

      • and using type=SIMULATION to indicate theory data

Closing plenary

Breakout session tuesday ucds
Breakout session Tuesday: UCDs

  • Discussion Tuesday afternoon with APM

  • Compile list of words, no classification yet into UCD vs Standard Word

  • Some structure, that might lead to such a classification

  • Working TWiki document on IVOA/TheorySemanticVocabulary

  • Plan: work this out further to come to proposal

    • List on TWiki open for two weeks after announcement email

    • Cross-check with existing list (Semantics/VOEvent/…)

    • Propose to Semantics WG

    • Longer term: use in data model for describing simulations (see there)

Closing plenary

Breakout session wednesday data formats and snap
Breakout session Wednesday:Data formats and SNAP

  • Focus on intermediate and large scale simulations: particles and mesh in 3D space.

  • Issue: many proprietary formats

  • Services need to produce datasets users can understand

    • Straightforward choice: VOTable, possibly using BINARY data, possibly base64 encoded.

    • Alternative proposal: allow original file but force publisher to provide wrapper codelets to read the files and produce … what ?

  • Plans:

    • Sell VOTable+binary+base64 to theory community

    • Write prototype/template translators for some complex existing data types.

    • Go ahead with SNAP (DAL approved)

Closing plenary

What is snap
What is SNAP ?

  • Subject:

    • N-body

    • (adaptive) mesh

    • “evolving objects in 3D space”

  • Functions:

    • Retrieve whole

    • Retrieve part: Question, how to decide which part ?

    • Proposal: need functions creating small, summarising, meaningful info about the dataset. Examples: thumbnail, random sample, projection, gridding (for particles). (see CGs presentation)

  • Query: based on metadata model

  • Protocol: not discussed here, but initial draft exists. ADQL ?

Closing plenary

Session iii thursday
Session III (Thursday)

  • Summary of work to date

  • Results:

    • Task group for Semantics UCD and Standard Vocab list

    • Task group for SNAP functionality protocol

    • Market proposals to theorists (task group + project contact persons) and get services registered

    • Volunteers to prototype UWS oslt for theory services

Closing plenary

Breakout session friday modeling metadata
Breakout session Friday:Modeling metadata

  • Focus: describe SNAP-like simulations

    • N-body

    • (adaptive) mesh

    • “evolving objects in 3D space”

  • Subjects:

    • Physics, phenomenology (semantics)

    • Design and provenance

    • Characterisation

  • Use

    • SNAP service

    • Registration

  • Plan:

    • First get data dictionary (i.e. the standard vocab in semantics)

    • Conceptual, analysis model

    • Logical model

    • Serialisation/binding (XML, Java etc, Relational model (for ADQL))

Closing plenary

Road map
Road map

  • Finish use cases note (on TWiki, June 2006)

  • TSAP ready to go ahead, dependency on SSA (standard) and on Registry (SSA type)

  • Generic service registration using standard vocab (outreach)

    • All the time

    • GL will contact project contact persons about this (next week)

  • Standard vocabulary/UCDs proposal for theory (End June 2006)

    • TWiki list open for two more weeks (half June 2006)

    • Work over with small group in following month and submit to Semantics (July 2006)

  • Data formats

    • Poll of theorists into their data formats and willingness to publish their data in specified manner (Dave Zuerk et al, Dave DeYoung, report by Moscow hopefully)

    • Volunteers will try translating some typical formats into VOTable+base64 binary data, report in Moscow.

  • SNAP (go ahead by DT)

    • Data model (pending approval?), discussion in Moscow

    • Protocol, discussion in Moscow

    • 0.5 (May 2007)

  • Other protocols, wait for stated desire

  • Service use in GWS-manner

    • Depends on GWS

    • Volunteers are there to wrap their existing services in any specified manner

  • Theory/Observational interface

    • Virtual telescope spec+prototype May 2008

Closing plenary