Surface investigations of groundwater
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Surface Investigations of Groundwater - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Surface Investigations of Groundwater. John Walton Fall, 2010. Remote sensing, example of phreatophytes. Salt Cedar – Rio Grande. Salt Cedar. Grows over shallow water table areas High amount of evapotranspiration Water balance component. Q out of reach =

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Surface Investigations of Groundwater

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Surface investigations of groundwater l.jpg

Surface Investigations of Groundwater

John Walton

Fall, 2010

Remote sensing example of phreatophytes l.jpg

Remote sensing, example of phreatophytes

Salt cedar rio grande l.jpg

Salt Cedar – Rio Grande

Salt cedar l.jpg

Salt Cedar

  • Grows over shallow water table areas

  • High amount of evapotranspiration

  • Water balance component

  • Qout of reach =

  • Qinto reach + Groundwater inputs + Surface runoff

  • -evaporation – transpiration - human use

  • Solve water balance for groundwater input

Groundwater input to rio grande fort quitman to amistad reservoir l.jpg

Groundwater Input to Rio Grande – Fort Quitman to Amistad Reservoir

  • Assume steady state system where groundwater recharge equals discharge

  • Take measured surface water flows and diversions

  • Estimate ET from Salt Cedar/Mesquite/cane bosque area

  • Divide groundwater input by drainage basin area to obtain large scale groundwater recharge rates

  • Answer: ~ 1 cm/year

Slide8 l.jpg

Thermal Infrared Mapping of Coastal-Aquifer Seeps and Associations between Seeps and Coastal Habitats

Assumes fresh water in pores 10x decrease for salt water l.jpg

Assumes fresh water in pores; 10X decrease for salt water

Resistivity l.jpg


  •  The potential difference between electrodes placed in the ground is measured. When an electric current is passed between two electrodes placed outside the measurement electrodes a potential difference is created.

  • Deeper penetration of the electrical field occurs as the electrodes are spaced further apart. 

  • Interpretation of this data can be complex in some cases

Horizontal profile by resistivity l.jpg

Horizontal profile by resistivity

Seismic wave velocity varies with material l.jpg

Seismic wave velocity varies with material:

Slide15 l.jpg

Seismic location of water table, waves travel more rapidly in water saturated material; waves travel deeper at wider spacing

Wave generation example sledge hammer l.jpg

Wave generation example – sledge hammer

Wsi water seismic index l.jpg

WSI = Water Seismic Index

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