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For your Eyes N. 71

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Parte LXXI


Automatic Reproduction

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Para Tus Ojos

For Your Eyes

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Águila en Las Cuevas-Mendoza

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Rumbo a mi Casa por la Montaña

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Esquiando en Penitentes-Mendoza

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Por los caminitos de San Carlos-Mendoza

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Majestuoso sobre la Cordillera de los Andes

Carlos Alberto Bau

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A la Expectativa-Mendoza

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Anochecer en Tupungato-Mendoza

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Flores de mi Jardín

Tren Trasandino-Las Cuevas-Mendoza

Carlos Alberto Bau

Slide11 l.jpg

Puente del Inca-Mendoza

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Acaso soy Feo ????

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Cristo de los Manantiales-Tunuyán

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Enfrentando a la Naturaleza-Mendoza

Carlos Alberto Bau

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En donde habrá comida con tanta Nieve ???

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Por los lagos del Sur Argentino

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Con la mirada Fija en mi !!!!!

Carlos Alberto Bau

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Carlos Alberto Bau


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