july 11 2014
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Welcome to the Senior Leaders Peer Networking

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Welcome to the Senior Leaders Peer Networking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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July 11, 2014 . Welcome to the Senior Leaders Peer Networking . Goal of the Exchange Process. Help each Member professional to expand their business networks in order for you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how you tackle you job functions.

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goal of the exchange process
Goal of the Exchange Process
  • Help each Member professional to expand their business networks in order for you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how you tackle you job functions.
  • Provide Members with a dynamic and reliable resource to help you solve problems and find new implementable ideas
rules of engagement
Rules of Engagement
  • Do not use your HOLD button on your telephone – hearing elevator music in the next 60 minutes is not good!
  • No body language signs – please be aggressive and speak your mind and thoughts.
  • Please identify yourself with name and company before speaking.
  • Take Notes about who is saying what…
  • Warning: My goal is to facilitate aggressively so we can cover as many topics as possible.
  • Last but not least, I need your feedback on how to make this process better for you and the participants.
Question: How are your responding to customer demands for RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals conformance? (Denise Parks)
  • Jim: Running into this situation frequently. We pass this down to our suppliers and pass the information through the chain and try to make it work. We try not to do more than what our suppliers will provide. Yes, we pass along what the suppliers provide to us. It is as far as we take it.
  • Norm: We do the exact same thing as Jim. We make no other statements but guarantee we are doing things to exactly to the drawings.
  • Regan: We do the same as above. We add a statement indicating that we do not intend to add anything in addition to the supply base.
  • Mike: We add to the “best of our knowledge.” We surveyed with a standard conflict of materials form to ALL of our suppliers that provide product to us. (Have had the request to provide ALL information but have received PUSH back from suppliers as they are hesitant to give all the recipe.)

Question: For automotive suppliers who are TS 16949 – how hard was it to justify the cost of moving to this standard and was it worth it? (Larry Silva)


Question: For automotive suppliers who are TS 16949 – how hard was it to justify the cost of moving to this standard and was it worth it? (Larry Silva)

  • Glenn: You only have to certify for those customers that mandate it. You can audit just for the customers requiring TS.
  • Jim: We are TS and we have found that being predominately automotive, you simply have to do it. If you don’t have the cert in auto, you will have issues competing. Don’t feel it is that much of a jump from ISO / QS to TS. It seems; however, that the customer does their own audits individually.

Question: How long does it take for new independent reps to be productive? Any measures taken if they are not productive?(Laura Hoggan)

  • Jim: We will go to 12-18 months and if they are not producing, we part ways. In general, there are NO second chances! Go through about 15-20 people to find one good one!
  • Norm: Threshold is 12 months. If nothing in the pipe line, we do not wait! We move on…
  • Laura: How do you measure the quality of the pipeline:
    • Norm: Based on the quality of the quotes, the dollar figures of the quotes, the types of customers. We use a frame work where we score opportunity, company size, job size, etc…
    • Jim: Tough to have a hard and set of rules and comes down to a judgment call for us. We will have face to face meetings, and we must have 3-4 calls set-up and if they can’t do that, then it is helpful to make the decision to let them go.
  • Mike: Retainer Vs. Straight Commission
  • Glenn: Rarely do we pay commission on tooling.
question don t laugh does anyone have a bed bug policy regarding workplace infestation scott titzer
Question: DON’T LAUGH – does anyone have a bed bug policy regarding workplace infestation? (Scott Titzer)

Question: How does your organization manage material price increases to customers? Is this calculated manually or through software? (Joy Hertlein)

  • Jim: We do quoting with Excel format. We manually use material adders (the is simply a factoring figure) from resin to any consumable in the final product. This is all based on what we are paying; for metals, it is based on indexes. (More along the lines of a surcharge…)
  • Norm: We put a similar calculation. We usually eat all of the cost of living and energy, but material is a compete pass through. We look at how much of the base cost is composed of resin, use the adder factor, and the formula is shared with them.
  • Larry: We do the same thing. We pass through based on the total part of the quote. We tell them that material increases will impact the pricing.
  • How often are increases passed through:
    • Jim: Quarterly (Should not be a surprise!)
    • Norm: Quarterly
    • Glenn: Quarterly (must get the increases or margin simply erodes.
  • Mike: We try to hold increases to annual, but we have lower volumes. We try to do this before they roll costs. (updating their standard cost of their products.)

Issue: We are struggling with the launch of new tolling programs, particularly in the prediction of resin shrink rates. Any help? (Tom Duffey)

issue tooling deposit trends are you getting deposits jim krause
Issue: Tooling deposit trends – are you getting deposits . (Jim Krause)
  • Joy: We are experiencing push back from customers who are delaying payment and it is a combination. Some don’t want to pay anything.
  • Larry: Dealing with the same issues. We are negotiating separately with every customer. It depends if there are hot runner systems because the hot runner systems companies require payment upfront.
  • Norm: We are walking away from customers who will not put skin in the game.
  • Glenn: Anything automotive is based on final approval. Outside of automotive is not as difficult.
  • Denise: Not in auto, and not resistance to deposits.
  • Mike: No issues (Stay out of Aerospace…)

Question: What are future plans for health care benefits for employers? What areas are targeted to help attract and retain employees? (Doug Callahan)

additional questions
Additional Questions?
  • Norm: Just had an OSHA complaint with a letter in the mail and an inspector at the front door. We hired a consultant to inspect the plant and I would suggest to take a crisis to make positive change happen! As a result, we have implemented HAZCOM and all of the training. Most states have consultant type of groups. When they find something, you have to fix it!
  • Regan: SHARP in Ohio. They did health monitoring for breathing and noise monitoring. You have to fix what they find and they come back every year. We had a very good experience.
  • Mike: Currently evaluating facility in terms of growth. Looking for expertise in facility layout for maximum utilization:
    • Scott Walton of Harbour Results


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