Pkal workshop theme science for all
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PKAL Workshop Theme: “Science for All” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PKAL Workshop Theme: “Science for All”. Nov. 12-14, 2004 Marriott Century Center Atlanta Georgia Attendees: Jeff Strasser and Pam Trotter. Questions we asked: What is PKAL???? Why did we go to this workshop??. A quote….

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Pkal workshop theme science for all

PKAL WorkshopTheme: “Science for All”

Nov. 12-14, 2004Marriott Century Center

Atlanta Georgia


Jeff Strasser and Pam Trotter

Questions we asked what is pkal why did we go to this workshop
Questions we asked:What is PKAL????Why did we go to this workshop??

A quote
A quote….

You’ve got to be careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.

Yogi Berra

Workshop sessions friday
Workshop Sessions - Friday

  • Session I ; Identity

  • Session II; Intellectual and physical environments for science

  • Experiential Learning Exercise; Traffic Jam

  • Session III; “Cluster” Meeting #1

Workshop sessions saturday
Workshop Sessions - Saturday

  • Session IV; Strategic Planning

  • Session V; Institutional Planning

  • Experiential Learning Exercise; Paper Tower

  • Session VI; Case Study

  • “Cluster” Time #2

Workshop sessions sunday
Workshop Sessions - Sunday

  • Session VII; Personal Responsibility for Leadership

  • Session VIII; “Cluster” Meeting #3 – Poster presentation and critique

  • Session IX; Personal responsibility for Leadership, cont.

Our poster
Our Poster…..

  • Identify goals, rationale and strategies to attain the goals

  • Ours was a smaller, younger group

  • We felt we needed broader input

  • Did our best!!

Some issues we discussed
Some issues we discussed……

  • Science is dynamic – avoid the status quo

  • Poor preparation of some students

  • Retention vs. “weeding out”

  • Gen Ed (LS or LP) courses may be only exposure to science for some

  • Elements of the strategic plan

Goal 1 elevate the intellectual spirit of science on campus
GOAL #1: Elevate the intellectual spirit of science on campus

  • Rationale:

    • Science should be enjoyed, not endured

    • STEM majors need to be prepared for careers and/or Graduate school

  • Strategies:

    • Continued support of successful programs

    • Increase student-faculty research

    • Explore state-of-the-art methods for student learning

Goal 2 achieve success of the new general education program
GOAL #2: Achieve success of the new general education program

  • Rationale:

    • STEM is relevant

    • There is a common misconception of what “science” is

    • We want well-informed graduates

  • Strategies:

    • Learn more about our students and how they learn

    • Build bridges between STEM and non-STEM faculty

    • Increase participation of STEM faculty in the LS and LC courses

    • Design innovative summer research and education programs

Goal 3 achieve success of the college s strategic plan
GOAL #3; Achieve success of the college’s strategic plan program

  • Rationale:

    • This will help in the success of Goals #1 and #2

  • Strategies:

    • Increase support for student-faculty collaborative research

    • Increase the professional activity (and support for it) among the faculty

    • Support innovative curriculum work

Where do go from here
Where do go from here? program

  • We need to develop corporate goals and plans for STEM at Augustana

  • We need to send a bigger team to the next PKAL meeting

  • We should be sure to keep continuity between the workshops

  • We need to involve department chairs as well as the division head

The next pkal workshop
The Next PKAL Workshop program

  • Theme: Interdisciplinary

  • When: March 4-6, 2005

  • Where: US Military Academy, West Point, NY