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ILLINOIS Market Profile. January 2014. ILLINOIS Market. 20.9 Million Potential Customers. Market Size: $21.7 Billion Potential Market. ILLINOIS Market.

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ILLINOIS Market Profile

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ILLINOIS Market Profile

January 2014


20.9 Million Potential Customers

Market Size: $21.7 Billion Potential Market


Ambit Energy is the Retail Electric Supplier in the Common Wealth Edison territory (ComEd) and the Retail Gas Supplier or Alternative Gas Supplier in NICOR territory

Account Description:

  • NICOR–10 digit numbers

  • ComEd– 10 digit number

  • Peoples Gas –13 digit number

  • North Shore Gas –13 digit number

  • Ameren –10 digit number

    • Customer will also need to know his/her “rate zone” to complete enrollment

      Invoicing-Ambit Energy does not generate an invoice, the Customer will receive an invoice from their delivery provider. Invoice is divided into two parts:

      • Supply Charge (provided by Ambit Energy)

      • Delivery Charge (Incumbent) NICOR, ComEd, Peoples Gas, North Shore Gas, and Ameren

        NO Credit Checks = No Deposits


Our popular Free Energy Program has changed to give you more Free Energy – and more freedom!

  • Here’s the biggest change: No more clock! That means there’s no more deadline for gathering your 15 Customers, and no more deadline for replacing Customers! Just maintain 15 energized Customers in any month, and you earn a credit! And that doesn’t mean 15 payments; calculations will now be based on average daily energy cost, instead. You can get more Free Energy, and we can now accommodate all bill schedules

  • Free Energy referral credit is sent via:

    • Ameren – Check

    • NICOR – Credit

    • ComEd – Check

    • Peoples Gas – Credit

    • North Shore Gas - Credit

  • For more information: PowerZone > Business Tools > Consultant Tools > Free Energy Program FAQ

ILLINOIS ComEd Electricity Product

Budget Billing – Contact ComEd for more details.

  • 1-800-334-7661


    Residential Space Heating Customers

  • Please advise your Customers that Ambit Energy does not offer a Residential Space Heat rate

  • If they choose to switch, their rate will increase substantially

  • For more information please visit;

ILLINOIS ComEd Electricity Product

Ambit Energy will reject ComEd orders if a Customer is on one of these Assistance Programs and will lose the program benefits:

  • The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

    • ComEd Helps Activated Military Personnel (C.H.A.M.P.)

    • Helping Hand

      Contact ComEd for more information

    • 1-800-334-7661


ILLINOIS ComEd Electricity Product


Budget Billing- Customers in the NICOR service territory are not eligible for budget billing for the supply charge through Ambit. Must contact NICOR to enroll in the delivery portion

  • 1-888-642-6748 or

    • Ambit Energy does not offer a special discount rate for residential heating customers

    • Winter Rate Freeze Plans are NOT available for 2012

    • NICOR does not offer an Ambit Certified Green Plan


Customer Select Program- free and voluntary program offered that allows customers to choose their natural gas supplier

  • Customers must participate in the program in order to switch to Ambit Energy

  • Customer has 120 days to choose another supplier or they will remain on NICOR Gas service for one year

    If customer participates in this program:

  • Customer Select Charge is applied to the invoice

    • Based on usage- can vary each month

    • Customers pay this charge as a part of the over all Gas Supply Charge (not an additional charge)

  • Transportation Service Credit is applied to the invoice

    • Based on usage- can very each month

    • Credit is for certain costs that are included in Ambit Energy’s distribution rates and are not incurred by Customer Select Customers

  • ILLINOIS NICOR Gas Product

    Assistance Programs Accepted:

    The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)- a government sponsored program that provides discount on electric & gas rates to qualified low- income Customers

    • Monetary relief is provided once per year to be used for energy bills

    • Eligibility is based on household size, location, and income

    • LIHEAP agency makes payments to the energy provider

    ILLINOIS NICOR Gas Product

    Guaranteed Savings Plan- 5% first 2 months and a minimum of 1% savings over 12 months

    • If the customer does not receive at least 1%, the customer will receive a check for the difference (supply portion only)

      Ambit Winder Rate Freeze Plan- if a customer was previously on a Ambit Winter Rate Freeze Plan, on 5-1-2011 the rate automatically rolled to the Guaranteed Savings Plan

    ILLINOISPeoples Gas Product

    Budget Billing – Customers in the Peoples Gas service territory are eligible for budget billing

    • Must enroll through Peoples Gas Illinois at (866) 556-6001

    • Winter Rate Freeze Plans are NOT available for 2012

    ILLINOISPeoples Gas Product

    *Customers will roll over to variable plan when their term plan expires, unless a new term is selected.

    ILLINOISPeoples Gas Small Commercial Product

    *Customers will roll over to variable plan when their term plan expires, unless a new term is selected.

    ILLINOISAmeren Electric Product

    Budget Billing- Customers in the Ameren service territory are not eligible for budget billing for the supply charge through Ambit.

    • Please contact Ameren at 1-800- 755-5000 or

      Rate Zones- Customers in Ameren must have both the Account Number and the Rate Zone to complete the enrollment process.

      The 4 Rate Zones:

  • Rate Zone I

  • Rate Zone IME

  • Rate Zone II

  • Rate Zone III

    If the incorrect rate zone is selected the system will automatically correct it, however this could cause the product and/or rate to change

  • ILLINOISAmeren Product

    *Customers will roll over to variable plan when their term plan expires, unless a new term is selected.


    • All RATES are listed in PowerZone

    • Located in the Business Tools Tab > Advertising Tool Kit > Customer Flyers

    Please share this information with your organization and potential customers

    Thank you for your help in building the Illinois Market!

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