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Animal Adaptations. The Big Question. This past Sunday…. I went to an animal hospital because my bunny was sick. . Alfred Russel Wallace. -British explorer and scientist. His Question (1858). Question : How do animals change???

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Animal adaptations

Animal Adaptations

The Big Question

This past sunday
This past Sunday…

  • I went to an animal hospital because my bunny was sick. 

Alfred russel wallace
Alfred Russel Wallace

-British explorer and scientist

His question 1858
His Question (1858)

  • Question: How do animals change???

  • Answer: On the whole, the best fitted live and pass down their genes.

Survival of the fittest
Survival of the Fittest

  • Survive:

    • To go on living, to not die

Survival of the fittest2
Survival of the Fittest

  • Fit:

    • In good health, in good shape

Survival of the fittest3
Survival of the Fittest

  • The best fitted will live.

    • The healthiest animals survive from disease.

    • The fastest animals survive from being eaten.

Ok so how do animals change
OK… So, how do animals change?

  • Long, long time ago, giraffes had shorter necks.

  • There was too much competition for food.

  • Some giraffes had a bit longer necks.

    • They could find food better!

Animals change over time
Animals Change Over Time

  • Long, long ago…

Animals change over time2
Animals Change Over Time

  • A bit long ago…


  • Variations: differences in animals

    • Example: Some giraffes had little bit shorter necks, and some giraffes had little bit longer necks.

Passing down traits
Passing Down Traits

  • Animals pass down their traits to their offspring.

    • Pass down

    • Traits

    • Offspring

       

Child (offspring)

Child (offspring)



Natural selection
Natural Selection

  • Nature: the world of living things and outdoors

  • Select: to choose

  • So… What is natural selection?

    • Similar to the idea of “survival of the fittest”

    • Nature chooses who will survive and who will die

You ve got mail
You’ve Got Mail!

  • Wallace sent his ideas to Charles Darwin

  • Charles Darwin: a respected scientist in England

Charles darwin
Charles Darwin

  • He was shocked to see Wallace’s finding!

  • It was too similar to what he has been working on!

  • Charles Darwin: the father of evolution

    • Evolution:

      • a theory which states that animals evolve (change) over time

Galapagos finches
Galapagos Finches

  • Finch: a type of bird

  • Darwin saw many variations.

  • He came up with the theory of natural selection by studying these finches.

Clever compromise
Clever Compromise

  • Wallace’s and Darwin’s works were published together. 