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Lesson Planning. August 2014. Session Outcomes. Develop a lesson plan for your micro teach session that leads to desired learning outcomes and aligns to learning activities and evaluation .

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Lesson planning

Lesson Planning

August 2014

Session outcomes
Session Outcomes

  • Develop a lesson plan for your micro teach session that leads to desired learning outcomes and aligns to learning activities and evaluation.

  • Identify the key components of course outlines and discuss how course outlines are used to guide course planning.


  • What is a lesson plan and why use one?

  • Common Elements in the course outline and how they effect lesson planning

  • Learning Outcomes… What are they?

  • How to develop a lesson plan using the Jumpstart Template

Brainstorming activity
Brainstorming Activity

  • What is a lesson plan?

  • Why use a lesson plan?

The big picture
The Big Picture

Course Outlines

  • All college courses have a course outline that describes the outcomes, evaluations, and teaching sequence of the course

  • Course outlines are formal documents representing the college, our schools and our programs.

  • Course Outlines function primarily as an information and learning tool for our studentsbut are also the primary vehicle for course planning.

  • Course outlines are a contractual agreement that defines the course content and the criteria by which a student is evaluated.

Course outline scavenger hunt
Course OutlineScavenger Hunt

Here are 5 samples of course outlines (one from each eastern region college)

Work in pairs to find the common elements below:

  • Course Learning Outcomes (CLRs)

  • Weekly learning plan/topics

  • Evaluation/Assessment criteria

Learning outcomes
Learning Outcomes

  • In Ontario we are an outcomes based education system: what does this mean?  

Outcomes based curriculum
Outcomes-based Curriculum

What should these students be able to do out there in real-life roles, that we’re responsible for teaching and guiding in here, in this course or program?

Ruth Stiehl

Program Learning Outcomes













Structure of an outcome activity
Structure of an Outcome activity

  • Use the colored cards to develop an outcome that has a:

  • Performance verb

  • Context

  • standard

Lesson plans
Lesson Plans

  • Always start with an outcome for your session

  • How to develop a lesson plan using the Jumpstart Model

  • Jumpstart Lesson Planning Video

Your turn fill in the template
Your turn…Fill in the Template

  • Locate the handout entitled “Using the Jumpstart Lesson Plan Template”

  • Record the activities that were used today into the correct area of this lesson plan template.

  • What was the connection activity today?

  • What were the content/practice activities?

  • What was the summary activity?

List of activities
List of activities

  • Brainstorming activity: Why use Lesson Plans?

  • Brief Lecture on course outlines

  • Course Outline Scavenger Hunt

  • Learning Outcomes Video

  • Structure of an Outcome Activity

  • Lesson Plans Video

Summary activity
Summary Activity

  • Write an outcome for your microteach

  • Fill in the lesson plan provided for your microteachsession

Handouts to help you plan your microteach
Handouts to help you plan your Microteach

  • Excerpt from Bloom’s taxonomy

  • Jumpstart lesson plan template

  • Jumpstart lesson plan reference hand-out