The cultural geography of south asia
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The Cultural Geography of South Asia. Mr. Marston Dominion Christian High School Geography 2009. Human Characteristics. 1/5 of earth’s population lives in South Asia (1.4 Billion people) Diverse: Religious, Cultural, Social, linguistic. India’s Population. A. Descendants of Dravidians

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The cultural geography of south asia

The Cultural Geography of South Asia

Mr. Marston

Dominion Christian High School

Geography 2009

Human characteristics
Human Characteristics

  • 1/5 of earth’s population lives in South Asia (1.4 Billion people)

  • Diverse: Religious, Cultural, Social, linguistic

India s population
India’s Population

  • A. Descendants of Dravidians

  • B. Aryans: invaders from Central Asia

  • C. Descendants of British and Portuguese colonists

  • D. Refugees from Tibet and Sri Lanka

India s religions
India’s Religions

  • Hinduism

    Jati: a group that defines one’s occupation and social position

  • Islam

  • Buddhism

  • Sikhs

  • Jainism

  • Christianity

Pakistan and bangladesh
Pakistan and Bangladesh

  • Islamic heritage

  • 90% are practicing Muslims

  • Culturally diverse in Pakistan

  • Culturally monolithic in Bangladesh (Bengali)

Sri lanka
Sri Lanka

  • Sinhalese: Buddhist majority and control the government

  • Tamils: Hindus.

  • Over 100,000 Sri Lankans have died since 1984 and one million people displaced from their homes

Bhutan and nepal
Bhutan and Nepal

  • Ancestors from Mongolia

  • Bhutan: Bhote and Tibetan ancestry

  • Nepal: famous ethnic group is the Sherpas.

Population density and distribution
Population Density and Distribution

  • 814 per sq. mile: 7 times the world’s average

  • South Asia will double its current population by 2050.

Regional variation
Regional Variation

  • Climate, vegetation, and physical features have an impact on the number of people the land can support

  • Population decreases as the elevation increases.

  • Most people live in the Ganges Plain and along the Indian coast


  • People live where their food supply can be grown (Rice)

  • Live near jobs: tea and rubber plantations


  • Second most densely populated country in South Asia

  • Has difficulty feeding its population

  • Very poor

Urban and rural life
Urban and Rural Life

  • Most South Asians live in the country

  • They farm, live in villages, and are subsistence farmers

  • South Asia is home to nomadic or semi-nomadic groups.

Growing urbanization
Growing Urbanization

  • Over time, more people have moved to cities in hopes of better jobs and higher wages.

  • People strain the public resources and facilities (schools and hospitals)

  • Problems: Housing, Overcrowding, Pollution

South asia s cities
South Asia’s cities

  • Mumbai (Bombay) 18.1 million people

  • Kolkata (Calcutta): center of India’s iron and steel industries

  • Delhi:

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh: world’s second most densely populated urban area.

  • Karachi, Pakistan

  • Megapolis: chain of closely linked metropolitan areas.