Meatless monday
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Meatless Monday. Keri TuckerKirstie Oravec Allie JonesSarah Swartz. Vegetables!. Shopping. Cooking. T he Finished Product. Environmental Benefits of Meatless Monday. Saving Water. 1 pound of beef = 1799 gallons of water. Benefits: No aquifer depletion

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Meatless Monday

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Meatless monday

Meatless Monday

Keri TuckerKirstie Oravec

Allie JonesSarah Swartz

Meatless monday


Meatless monday


Meatless monday


Meatless monday

The Finished Product

Meatless monday

Environmental Benefits


Meatless Monday

Saving water

Saving Water

1 pound of beef = 1799 gallons of water

Benefits: No aquifer depletion

Water is not being polluted

No animal waste produced

No Animal Waste Produced

1 pound of beef = 24 pounds of manure

Benefits: No water pollution

No air pollution

Less crops need to be grown

Less Crops Need to Be Grown

Law of Entropy

Plants to Cow to Human vs. Plants to Human

Benefits: Less land space needed

Less pesticides used

Less fertilizer used

Less fossil fuels burned to run the tractors

Less water pollution and dead zones

Less soil deprivation and land erosion

How much meat do american s eat

How much meat DO American's eat?

*The Average American eats about 8 ounces of meat a day. That is half a pound!

By deciding as a group to abstain from meat for a day, our group of ten people saved five pounds of meat.

Our meatless monday saved

Our Meatless Monday saved..

  • 5 pounds of meat.

  • 8,995 gallons of water.

  • 120 pounds ofmanure was eliminated

  • All of this was just because of 10 people not eating meat for one day!

Meatless monday every week

Meatless Monday every week?

Suppose 10 people didn't eat meat every Monday for a year....

  • 260 pounds of meat would not be consumed!

  • 467,740 gallons of water would be saved!

  • 6,240 pounds of manure from animals would be eliminated!






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