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Defining epocrates brand language
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Defining Epocrates Brand: Language. June 2, 2011. Eileen, Erica, Christine. Personality test: If your brand…. 1. Were a color, what color would it be? Blue. 2. Had a shape? Circular. 3. Had a size? Small. 4. Had a texture? Smooth.

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Defining Epocrates Brand: Language

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Defining epocrates brand language

Defining Epocrates Brand: Language

  • June 2, 2011

  • Eileen, Erica, Christine

Personality test if your brand

Personality test: If your brand…

1. Were a color, what color would it be? Blue.

2. Had a shape? Circular.

3. Had a size? Small.

4. Had a texture? Smooth.

5. Were pressed with a finger, what would happen? It’d move with you.

6. Were a popular song? Break My Stride.

6a. Who would be singing? Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.

6b. How loud? Medium.

7. Were an historic personage, who would it be? Ben Franklin.

8. Were going to a party, what would it wear? Beige labcoat.

9. Had a particular characteristic, what would it be? Adaptable.

10. Were a plant, what kind of plant would it be? Aloe.

11. In what environment would it thrive? Any.

12. Were an animal, what would it be? Domestic or wild? Labrador retriever. Domestic.

13. Were a meal, what kind of meal would it be? Gourmet catered lunch.

What are the key values

What are the key values?

Epocrates Collegial Reliable Clear

dependable, loyal, informed, trusted, helpful, smart, professional, compassionate innovation…

Finding the right balance

Finding the right balance

Finding the right balance1

Finding the right balance

(a) Visit booth #1522 to learn about Epocrates’ products and services.

(b) Yo docs, come have a mojito with an umbrella at the Epocrates cabana.

(c) Are you at APA annual meeting in Honolulu, HI? Come say aloha to the Epocrates team at booth #1522 and get your mobile device checkup today!

(a) Select Epocrates. Tap “Install.” Premium features transfer automatically upon entering credentials.

(b) Select Epocrates, then go ahead and tap that install button so all your favorite features are instantly resting at your fingertips after signing into your Epocrates account.

(c) Select Epocrates, and tap “Install”. Any premium features will automatically transfer when you sign in.

(a) Download Thieme’sAtlas of Anatomy—a port of a canonical medical text.

(b) Download Thieme’sAtlas of Anatomy and watch your iPad come to life! Tons of colorful illustrations!

(c) Download Thieme’sAtlas of Anatomy for your iPad, featuring thousands of concise, full-color illustrations.

Overview of current communications

Overview of Current Communications

Overview of current communications1

Overview of Current Communications

Company lingo partial list

Company Lingo (partial list)

  • Use mobile device or smartphone, not handheld or PDA (dated terminology)

  • Physicians, clinicians or healthcare professionals are typically used rather than doctors, providers or practitioners.

  • Patient is preferred over Customer

  • Network of members not user base

  • Use current instead of up-to-date (UpToDate Inc. is a competitor)

  • Use drug reference tools/app/solution, not drug reference alone.

  • Use “the Epocrates EHR solution”, not Epocrates EHR alone

  • Healthcare is one word

  • Online is one word

  • Point-of-care is hyphened when used as an adjective (e.g., point-of-care tools)

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