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Agenda. About Us What is e-Tendering? Benefits to your Organization Benefits to Suppliers/Contractors Manual Vs Electronic Tendering Comparative Legal Compliance Is e-Tendering Secure? Ease of e-Tendering –Tender Cycle. About Us.

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  • About Us

  • What is e-Tendering?

  • Benefits to your Organization

  • Benefits to Suppliers/Contractors

  • Manual Vs Electronic Tendering Comparative

  • Legal Compliance

  • Is e-Tendering Secure?

  • Ease of e-Tendering –Tender Cycle

About us
About Us

  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) is must for e-Procurement as per MDB’s e-GP Guidelines.

  • We are the only an ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Certified e-Procurement company

  • Government of India approved Software Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) certified Application Software

  • The only company whose management has 25 Years of combined experience in handling e-Procurement of various types

  • 500 Cr. (More than 100 million U.S. $) Worth of e-Procurement for various organizations

  • The one stop shop for all your e-Procurement requirements

The solution services
The Solution/Services

  • ABCProcure the e-Procurement suite comprise of

    • e-Tendering

    • e-Auctions

    • Reverse Auction

    • e-Sourcing

  • Over and above this we also offer

    • PKI consultancy & support

    • e-Procurement Consultancy

    • Customized e-Procurement solutions for enterprise

Our usp

  • The only e-Procurement suite developed using Free and Open Source Software's (FOSS) like Java /Linux /MySQL which means

    • More secure

    • Low deployment cost

  • Only e-Proc. Application that supports JAVA based PKI Signer

  • Supports all CA’s Digital Certificate of different classes

  • The only e-Procurement solution that supports all browsers

  • Dynamic & Flexible application with inbuilt workflow

  • Available on Windows/Linux operating system

  • Multiple Options Rental/Annual License/Ownership

  • Young Team with average age of 30

Our Customers

  • Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

  • Health Department, Gujarat

  • Gujarat Gas Company Limited

  • Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation

  • Gujarat Urban Development Corporation

  • Gujarat Maritime Board

  • Dishman Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Ltd.

  • Ramky Infrastructure Projects Limited

  • …more

What is e tendering
What is e-Tendering?

  • E Tendering is a process of carrying out entire Tendering Cycle Online including submission of Price Bid such that Efficiency, Economy, Speed of Internet can be harnessed.

  • E Tendering Cycle can be broken in Key Modules

Benefits of tendering authority
Benefits of Tendering Authority

  • Completely Automated Process

  • Shortens Procurement Cycle

  • Economical and Environment Friendly

  • Greater Transparency

  • Improvement in work culture in the departments

  • System aided Evaluation process

  • On the fly reports/comparatives statement

  • Minimize Human errors

  • Minimal Storage Spaces

  • Change in Perception – Progressive Organization

  • Lesser hassle of communication and administration

Benefits to suppliers contractors
Benefits to Suppliers/Contractors

  • Anytime & Anywhere Bidding

  • Fair, Free and Fearless participation for vendors.

  • No dependence on Newspaper, Courier, Banks,…

  • Zero Administrative hassles

  • Can carry out all activities from any computer

  • Economical – saving on Traveling cost

  • Reduces efforts & cost of bidding

  • No tenders can be missed because of distance

  • Can submit bid on last minute

Manual vs e tendering system

Manual Tendering System

Longer Procurement Cycle


Paper Based Procurement

Restricted Mobility

No work on Holidays

Prone to Human errors

Content not sharable

Physical Security

Wastage of space to store bids

Not retrievable

Ideal till 2003

E - Tendering System

Shorter Procurement Cycle

Economical – Fixed Cost

Environmentally Friendly

Anytime – Anywhere Bidding

Bidding possible on Holidays

Automated & Accurate process

Shareable Content

Foolproof Security

Lifelong storage on CD

One click access to bids

For year 2004 & Beyond

Manual Vs E Tendering System

Government guidelines
Government Guidelines

  • Project Administration Instructions, ADB- November 2005Executing Agencies (EAs) may use electronic systems to conduct procurement on ADB- financed contracts where the procedures involved meet acceptable standards. A guide has been prepared in co-operation with the World Bank and Inter- American Development Bank

  • For E Commerce Activities – IT ACT 2000

    Any document which is digitally signed, by digital certificate issued by a licensed Certifying Agency (CA) who is approved by Controller of Certifying Agency (CCA) will be considered as a valid document in the court of law.

  • For E Procurement – CVC Guidelines

    E Procurement is allowed as per the guidelines of CVC order no. 46/9/03 provided the E Procurement is done in a fair and transparent fashion & IT Act 2000 is complied

Strategic alliances
Strategic Alliances

  • IBM for Software

  • OS – Microsoft /Linux

  • RDBMS – Oracle / MYSQL/SQL

  • Front End – Sun JAVA / Dot Net

  • Data Centre – VSNL

  • Broad Band – BSNL / VSNL

  • Payment Gateway – ABCPayment

  • Biometrics – Secugen

Computer specification user end
Computer Specification – User End

  • Any Desktop with 16 MB Ram/20 GB HDD or Higher

  • OS – LINUX /Windows

  • Browser – IE/Netscape/Mozilla/ Firefox /Any Browser

  • Java Run Time – Freeware

  • Valid Digital Certificate

  • Token/Crypto Key for DC – Optional

  • Biometrics – Optional

  • Digital Signer & Cipher– Freeware

  • Net connection – Dialup connection or better

Is e tendering secure
Is e-Tendering Secure?

  • E Tendering Challenges

  • Detecting whether document is Tampered or not

  • Identifying a person in the faceless world of Internet

  • Non Repudiation

  • Document Secrecy

  • Bidding should not be allowed after due date and time

  • Bids cannot be opened before due date and time

  • Bids can only be opened by authorized officers

Digital certificate

Private Key

Public Key

Digital Certificate

Digital certificate1
Digital Certificate

  • Digital Certificate is your Internet Passport

  • Digital Certificate come with 1 / 2 Years validity

  • Can be procured easily, in less than 8 Hours

  • List of licensed Certifying Agency (CA)

    • TCS

    • N Code (GNFC)

    • Safescrypt

    • MTNL

    • NIC

Digital signature


Public Key

Private Key














Digital Signature

Digital signature verification

Buyer – Govt. Dept








Retrieve Public Key


Valid, If matches

Invalid, if doesn't





Digital Signature Verification

Digital encryption data enveloping


Buyer – Govt. Dept.

Retrieve Public Key
















M:!jdt2 O:<Hti&









M:!jdt2 O:<Hti&








Digital Encryption/Data Enveloping

Digital signature1
Digital Signature

  • Non Repudiation – Signer cannot refuse that he didn’t Digitally Sign a Document

  • Any change in the document, tampers Signature

  • Sign 1000’s Page document on a Click

  • Sign any number of documents with 1 Digital Certificate

Digital encryption
Digital Encryption

  • Data Encrypted with Public Key, can only be decoded by corresponding Private Key

  • No one has decrypted data without Private Key

  • RSA Open Challenge worth Millions of Dollars

  • Highly Secure, used at various military installation across the world to secure Data

  • Used to protect Nuclear Missile Passwords, E Commerce Activities worth billions on dollars on Internet


  • Biometric verification of 2 authorized users can be used in tender opening process.

  • Finger print of any two individual doesn’t match.

  • Help to establish that user remains physically present when Tender opens.

Role base access
Role Base Access

  • Access to website is on the basis of rights allocated to a User or Group of Users

  • This ensure that Tampering by unauthorized person is not possible

  • Existing Organization hierarchy can be mapped to the system

Time based access
Time Based Access

  • No activity can be carried out before due date & Time for e.g.

    Tender cannot be opened even by authorized User before due date

  • Server Time cannot be tampered as it is mapped to National Standard Time Server

Time stamping
Time Stamping

  • Key processes are time stamped

    • Tender cannot be proponed

    • Tenders cannot be submitted after

      Due date and time

    • Tender cannot be opened before

      Due date and time

  • All processes can be time stamped

Secure electronic tendering process
Secure Electronic Tendering Process

  • We follow the following process for secure Bid Submission & Opening

  • Create Bid

  • Generate Hash

  • Generate Attached Signature (Bid + Digital Signature)

  • Data Enveloping/Encryption using Public Key of Digital Certificate

  • Bid Submission using SSL

  • Tender Opening Date & Time Verification

  • Tender Opening Rights Verification of the Officer

  • Biometric Verification of the Officer

  • Data De-enveloping/Decryption using Public Key of Digital Certificate

  • Signature Verification

  • Hash Verification

  • Original Bid

Electronic sealed envelope
Electronic Sealed Envelope

Step 1: Bid Creation Stage

  • Price Bid

  • Attached Digital Signature

  • Asymmetric Encryption (Supplier Public Key)

    Step 2: Bid Submission Stage

  • Decrypt Bid (Supplier Pvt. Key)

  • Signature Verification

  • Asymmetric Encryption (Buyer Public Key)

  • Tender opening (Buyer Private Key)

Standards notified in india
Standards notified in India

  • Public-key cryptography

    • Asymmetric Cryptosystem - RSA

    • Diffie-Hellman Public key Cryptography

  • Digital Signature Standards

    • MD5 -Hashing Algorithms

    • SHA-1 -Hashing Algorithms

    • DSA Signature Algorithm

    • RSA Signature Algorithm

  • Directory Services (LDAP ver 3)

    • X.500 for publication of Public Key Certificates and Certificate Revocation Lists

    • X.509 version 3 Certificates as specified in ITU RFC 1422

    • X.509 version 2 Certificate Revocation Lists

  • Public-key Cryptography Standards (PKCS)

    • PKCS#1 - PKCS#15

Ease of e tendering tender cycle
Ease of e-Tendering –Tender Cycle

e-Tendering involves following phases as per convential

tendering systems.

  • Phase 1: Pre Tendering Activities

  • Phase 2: Tendering Cycle

  • Phase 3: Post Tendering Activities

General questions
General Questions?

  • Validity of eTendering/eProcurement – IT ACT 2000

  • Legal Compliance – CVC, PWD Guidelines

  • Security Issues? ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Co.

  • Quality of Service – SLA

  • Training your employees?

  • Training your Suppliers/Bidders?

  • Backup and Business Continuity?

  • Digital Certificate

  • What value of Tenders can be procured online?

  • How to Get Started?

For further details contact us at our following address
For further details contact us at our following address:

Mr. Ajay Singh9811113345

M/s P.J. Softwares Ltd.

E-mail: [email protected] Web Site: