Rubbish free lunch project
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Rubbish free lunch project. After. Before. Before.

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Rubbish free lunch project

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Rubbish free lunch project




In our study of researching who reduces the most rubbish and recycles the grade 5/6 won this one. Because they got to chose what they put into there lunch boxes. The grade preps lost this because they do not get to chose what they wont to put in there lunch boxes they do not under stand what the day meant.

In the pie graph we had to do a lot of time sing and division to make up the pie graph

In making we had to make four pie graphs to present the after and the before.


In our study of researching we found out that the grade reduces more and the grade three’s r

Reduces the most out of all of the grades. Miss botomly was organised which helped her grade win the overall score. The grade preps staid the same.

In the pie graph we were surprised in which who won and who lost and if anyone staid the same. it was a bit easier knowing how to make the pie graph and how to set it up.


When we were doing this we learnt that some times little kids can reduces the most and the preps staid the same. The preps need to improve in not bring rubbish and recycle more.

The grade 4’s need to improve in not brining rubbish aswell.


When i was doing this i learnt that people can improve and people can not improve the grade that improved the most was the grade three’s haveing 30 grames . I think it will be suc sesfull in the way that we did it right and that it worked. I enjoyed doing this because it was fun an dit was injoyable and was easy when you got the hang of it and it was fun adding it all up and seeing who won. I allso lernt the preps ha d the same score both times and the grade two’s need to improve by not much.

Andrews reflection

When I was doing all of this graph i learnt that the junior grade to improved by not much. The grade 3 won the after graphs the grade prep did not move there grams . We had to get along peace of paper and turn it in to a cycle i had a lot of fun do this math work because it is on the computer i also learn that the grade 4/5 need to improve by a little bit i also learnt how to ad up % it was parity easy when i got the hang of it. I felt very happy because it was working out and it was a problem

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