Hitler’s Rise to Power
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Hitler’s Rise to Power. What was Hitler’s Early Life Like. Born to Alois and Klara Hitler in Austria. Mother dies - Hitler blames her Jewish doctor for her death. Wanted to be an artist – not accepted into the Vienna Academy of Art Paternal Grandfather - Jewish. Hitler’s Paintings.

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What was hitler s early life like
What was Hitler’s Early Life Like

  • Born to Alois and Klara Hitler in Austria.

  • Mother dies - Hitler blames her Jewish doctor for her death.

  • Wanted to be an artist – not accepted into the Vienna Academy of Art

  • Paternal Grandfather - Jewish

How did wwi influence hitler
How did WWI Influence Hitler?

  • He served in German Army:

    • wounded and received two Iron Crosses for bravery.

    • First success in his life

  • Blamed Germany’s defeat on Jews, Communists, and “November Criminals” - signers of TOV

Why did hitler join the german workers party
Why did Hitler Join the German Workers Party?

  • Army Sent Hitler to investigate in 1919.

  • Gave a speech denouncing the TOV, Jews and Communists

  • Asked to Join

What is the nazi party
What is the NAZI Party?

  • German Workers Party changed to National Socialist German Workers Party - “NAZI” Party

  • Fascist beliefs

  • Drafted a platform of 25 points

  • Swastika – ancient symbol meaning good luck

What was the beer hall putsch
What was the Beer Hall Putsch?

  • October 30, 1923

  • Failed NAZI Party Revolution- Hitler imprisoned

What is mein kampf
What is Mein Kampf?

  • “Mein Kampf” = “My Struggle”

  • Blueprint for Germany’s future

    1. Racism - hatred for Jews

    2. Lebensraum (living space) expansion of Germany’s border

    3. World Domination

What problems did germany s government have after wwi
What Problems did Germany’s government have after WWI?

  • Weimar Republic – democracy established after WWI

    • Faced Political opposition from

      • communist

      • fascists

What economic problems did the weimar republic have after wwi
What economic problems did the Weimar Republic have after WWI?

  • Reparations – repayments for war damages to Allies

    • Caused:

      • High Unemployment

      • Starvation

      • Desperation….

What is hyperinflation
What is Hyperinflation? WWI?

US German

  • Jan 1918 $1 = $5.21

  • Jan 1922 $1 = $191.81

  • Jan 1923 $1 = $17, 972

  • Dec 1923 $1 = $4.2 T

    Hyperinflation - soaring inflation

    (increase in prices due to too much money and too few goods)

What did hitler offer to the german people
What did Hitler offer to the German people? WWI?

  • Promises, Promises

    • Nationalists - Restore Germany to Greatness

    • Wealthy Industrialist – stop communism

    • Workers – end unemployment

  • Blamed Others for Germany’s Problems

    • Jews

    • November Criminals

    • Weimar Republic

  • Excellent Speaker

How does hitler become chancellor
How does Hitler become Chancellor? WWI?

  • “Brownshirts”– Hitler’s private army

    • used fear tactics to eliminate opposition

  • Used speeches and propaganda to gain support

  • Nazi Party gains votes in Reichtag (German Legislature):

    • 1930 = 18% of vote

    • 1932 = 37% of vote

  • Hitler appointed Chancellor (Prime Minister) in 1933

How did hitler gain total power
How did Hitler Gain Total Power? WWI?

  • “Reichstag fire” - blamed on communists

  • Ended democracy in Germany

What actions did hitler take as der furher the leader
What actions did Hitler take as Der Furher – The Leader? WWI?

  • Ignored the TOV

    • Rebuilt Army & Opened Weapons Factories

    • Stopped reparations payments

  • Economy improved

    • New Jobs - military sector

    • Decreased unemployment

  • Eliminated political opposition

  • Began planning for expansion of the Third Reich (Third Empire)

What was the jewish problem
What was the Jewish Problem? WWI?

  • Hitler’s belief that Aryan German’s were the “Master Race” – blond hair, blue eyes, strong and disciplined

  • Blamed Germany’s problems on the Jewish

  • Racism and propaganda used to create distrust and hatred against Jews and non-Aryans.

What actions did hitler take to solve the jewish problem
What actions did Hitler take to solve the “Jewish Problem”

  • 1935 Nuremburg Laws

    • Stipped Jews of Citizenship

    • Can’t Hold Public Office

    • Barred From Schools

    • Boycott Jewish Businesses

    • Banned non-Jews from marriage to Jews

  • 1938 Kristallnacht

    • Jews attacked on streets

    • Jewish businesses vandalized

    • Burned Synagogues

    • Many Jews shot or sent to prison camps

Formative Problem”


  • Name and explain three ways Hitler gained control of Germany

  • Name 3 problems Germany had after WWI

Mussolini Problem”

Italy problems after wwi
Italy Problem”Problems After WWI

  • 460,000 Soldiers killed

  • Heavy debt

  • Dissatisfaction with TOV - Britain and France didn’t give Italy the land they promised in the Treaty of London

  • Governments were coalitions that couldn’t make decisions

Problems continue
Problems Continue Problem”

  • Value of lira declined

  • Price of bread rose

  • Shortage of Coal

  • Rising unemployment let to unrest in cities

  • Peasants seize lands

Mussolini gains power
Mussolini Gains Power Problem”

  • Promises to solve Italy’s problems

  • Something for everyone:

    • Nationalists – recreate the Roman Empire

    • Landowners – protect private property

    • Workers – full unemployment

  • Blackshirts

    • Mussolin’s Followers

    • Used Force to gain power

March on rome 1922
March on Rome Problem”1922

  • “Either the government will be given to us or we shall seize it by marching on Rome”

  • 20,000 Blackshirts in a planned Coup d’etat

  • King Victor Emmanuel fears Civil War - names Mussolini Prime Minister

Il duce the leader
“Il Duce” – The Leader Problem”

  • Solved Unemployment Problem

  • Restored Patriotism and Nationalism

  • Recaptured Italy’s Greatness

  • “Made the Trains Run on Time

  • Limited Individual Freedoms

What problems did japan have after wwi
What Problems did Japan have after WWI? Problem”

  • Weak Constitutional Monarchy

  • Conflicts with west over immigration policies and TOV/LON

  • Population Explosion

    • 35M to 60 M

    • Need land for farming and living space

  • Industrial Revolution = need for more raw materials

  • Economic Problems due to Great Depression

What type of government evolved in japan
What type of government evolved in Japan? Problem”

  • Civilian government had no control over military

  • Militarism influenced all aspects of society

  • Military gradually gains control of the government

    • Hirohito figurehead

    • Tojo as Military General and Leader of Japan

What were japan s military and nationalist goals
What were Japan’s Military and Nationalist Goals? Problem”

  • Solve Countries Problems through foreign expansion

  • Pacific empire rich in raw materials and living space

  • Begin in 1931 – Invasion of Manchuria

1931 Attack on Manchuria

Formative Problem”

  • What problems did Japan have after WWI?

  • Which group in Japan gained political power after WWI?