Hitler’s Rise to Power
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Hitler’s Rise to Power PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hitler’s Rise to Power. What was Hitler’s Early Life Like. Born to Alois and Klara Hitler in Austria. Mother dies - Hitler blames her Jewish doctor for her death. Wanted to be an artist – not accepted into the Vienna Academy of Art Paternal Grandfather - Jewish. Hitler’s Paintings.

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Hitler’s Rise to Power

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Hitler s rise to power

Hitler’s Rise to Power

What was hitler s early life like

What was Hitler’s Early Life Like

  • Born to Alois and Klara Hitler in Austria.

  • Mother dies - Hitler blames her Jewish doctor for her death.

  • Wanted to be an artist – not accepted into the Vienna Academy of Art

  • Paternal Grandfather - Jewish

Hitler s paintings

Hitler’s Paintings

How did wwi influence hitler

How did WWI Influence Hitler?

  • He served in German Army:

    • wounded and received two Iron Crosses for bravery.

    • First success in his life

  • Blamed Germany’s defeat on Jews, Communists, and “November Criminals” - signers of TOV

Why did hitler join the german workers party

Why did Hitler Join the German Workers Party?

  • Army Sent Hitler to investigate in 1919.

  • Gave a speech denouncing the TOV, Jews and Communists

  • Asked to Join

What is the nazi party

What is the NAZI Party?

  • German Workers Party changed to National Socialist German Workers Party - “NAZI” Party

  • Fascist beliefs

  • Drafted a platform of 25 points

  • Swastika – ancient symbol meaning good luck

What was the beer hall putsch

What was the Beer Hall Putsch?

  • October 30, 1923

  • Failed NAZI Party Revolution- Hitler imprisoned

What is mein kampf

What is Mein Kampf?

  • “Mein Kampf” = “My Struggle”

  • Blueprint for Germany’s future

    1. Racism - hatred for Jews

    2. Lebensraum (living space) expansion of Germany’s border

    3. World Domination

What problems did germany s government have after wwi

What Problems did Germany’s government have after WWI?

  • Weimar Republic – democracy established after WWI

    • Faced Political opposition from

      • communist

      • fascists

What economic problems did the weimar republic have after wwi

What economic problems did the Weimar Republic have after WWI?

  • Reparations – repayments for war damages to Allies

    • Caused:

      • High Unemployment

      • Starvation

      • Desperation….

What is hyperinflation

What is Hyperinflation?

US German

  • Jan 1918 $1 = $5.21

  • Jan 1922$1 = $191.81

  • Jan 1923$1 = $17, 972

  • Dec 1923$1 = $4.2 T

    Hyperinflation - soaring inflation

    (increase in prices due to too much money and too few goods)

What did hitler offer to the german people

What did Hitler offer to the German people?

  • Promises, Promises

    • Nationalists - Restore Germany to Greatness

    • Wealthy Industrialist – stop communism

    • Workers – end unemployment

  • Blamed Others for Germany’s Problems

    • Jews

    • November Criminals

    • Weimar Republic

  • Excellent Speaker

Hitler s speeches

Hitler’s Speeches

How does hitler become chancellor

How does Hitler become Chancellor?

  • “Brownshirts”– Hitler’s private army

    • used fear tactics to eliminate opposition

  • Used speeches and propaganda to gain support

  • Nazi Party gains votes in Reichtag (German Legislature):

    • 1930 = 18% of vote

    • 1932 = 37% of vote

  • Hitler appointed Chancellor (Prime Minister) in 1933

How did hitler gain total power

How did Hitler Gain Total Power?

  • “Reichstag fire” - blamed on communists

  • Ended democracy in Germany

What actions did hitler take as der furher the leader

What actions did Hitler take as Der Furher – The Leader?

  • Ignored the TOV

    • Rebuilt Army & Opened Weapons Factories

    • Stopped reparations payments

  • Economy improved

    • New Jobs - military sector

    • Decreased unemployment

  • Eliminated political opposition

  • Began planning for expansion of the Third Reich (Third Empire)

What was the jewish problem

What was the Jewish Problem?

  • Hitler’s belief that Aryan German’s were the “Master Race” – blond hair, blue eyes, strong and disciplined

  • Blamed Germany’s problems on the Jewish

  • Racism and propaganda used to create distrust and hatred against Jews and non-Aryans.

What actions did hitler take to solve the jewish problem

What actions did Hitler take to solve the “Jewish Problem”

  • 1935 Nuremburg Laws

    • Stipped Jews of Citizenship

    • Can’t Hold Public Office

    • Barred From Schools

    • Boycott Jewish Businesses

    • Banned non-Jews from marriage to Jews

  • 1938 Kristallnacht

    • Jews attacked on streets

    • Jewish businesses vandalized

    • Burned Synagogues

    • Many Jews shot or sent to prison camps




  • Name and explain three ways Hitler gained control of Germany

  • Name 3 problems Germany had after WWI



Italy problems after wwi

ItalyProblems After WWI

  • 460,000 Soldiers killed

  • Heavy debt

  • Dissatisfaction with TOV - Britain and France didn’t give Italy the land they promised in the Treaty of London

  • Governments were coalitions that couldn’t make decisions

Problems continue

Problems Continue

  • Value of lira declined

  • Price of bread rose

  • Shortage of Coal

  • Rising unemployment let to unrest in cities

  • Peasants seize lands

Mussolini gains power

Mussolini Gains Power

  • Promises to solve Italy’s problems

  • Something for everyone:

    • Nationalists – recreate the Roman Empire

    • Landowners – protect private property

    • Workers – full unemployment

  • Blackshirts

    • Mussolin’s Followers

    • Used Force to gain power

March on rome 1922

March on Rome1922

  • “Either the government will be given to us or we shall seize it by marching on Rome”

  • 20,000 Blackshirts in a planned Coup d’etat

  • King Victor Emmanuel fears Civil War - names Mussolini Prime Minister

Il duce the leader

“Il Duce” – The Leader

  • Solved Unemployment Problem

  • Restored Patriotism and Nationalism

  • Recaptured Italy’s Greatness

  • “Made the Trains Run on Time

  • Limited Individual Freedoms

Rise of militarism in japan

Rise of Militarism in Japan

What problems did japan have after wwi

What Problems did Japan have after WWI?

  • Weak Constitutional Monarchy

  • Conflicts with west over immigration policies and TOV/LON

  • Population Explosion

    • 35M to 60 M

    • Need land for farming and living space

  • Industrial Revolution = need for more raw materials

  • Economic Problems due to Great Depression

What type of government evolved in japan

What type of government evolved in Japan?

  • Civilian government had no control over military

  • Militarism influenced all aspects of society

  • Military gradually gains control of the government

    • Hirohito figurehead

    • Tojo as Military General and Leader of Japan

What were japan s military and nationalist goals

What were Japan’s Military and Nationalist Goals?

  • Solve Countries Problems through foreign expansion

  • Pacific empire rich in raw materials and living space

  • Begin in 1931 – Invasion of Manchuria

1931 Attack on Manchuria

What was the rape of nanking

What was the Rape of Nanking?



  • What problems did Japan have after WWI?

  • Which group in Japan gained political power after WWI?

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