A product of promotional communications llc 650 halstead ave mamaroneck ny 10543 914 381 1632
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A Product of Promotional Communications, LLC 650 Halstead Ave. Mamaroneck, NY 10543 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Product of Promotional Communications, LLC 650 Halstead Ave. Mamaroneck, NY 10543 (914) 381-1632. The Mobile Cloud – Why it matters …. 6,000,000,000 (BILLION) mobile ACCOUNTS active for 6,800,000,000 people - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-19925506 3,900,000,000 Mobile Phones

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A Product of Promotional Communications, LLC 650 Halstead Ave. Mamaroneck, NY 10543

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A Product of Promotional Communications, LLC

650 Halstead Ave.

Mamaroneck, NY 10543

(914) 381-1632

The Mobile Cloud – Whyitmatters….

  • 6,000,000,000 (BILLION) mobile ACCOUNTS active for 6,800,000,000 people - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-19925506

  • 3,900,000,000 Mobile Phones

  • 50% of the WORLDS population isconnected via their mobile

  • 80% of the World’s population has Cellular Coverage

The Mobile Cloud – Whyitmatters….

  • 1,000 new users per second

  • It took 20 years to hit 1,000,000,000 users

  • 40 Months for 2,000,000,000

  • 24 Months for 3,000,000,000 – July 07

  • 19,000,000 new users in INDIA in the month of JANUARY 2010

What Promotional Communications has achieved with the mobile cloud

  • CMAFest Nashville June 2012 - out of roughly 5,000 visitors with Smartphone's per day, we were getting 1,000 + individuals logging onto the Wi-Fi PromoSend network with over 4,000 branding/splash page flashes per day

  • UBA Trends day Conference - 500 visitors, 420 app downloads  

  • Randstad concert/Metallica/Werchter rollout - 50,000 + visitors with Smartphone's, 18,000 connections onto the PromoSend Network  

  • Installations on De LIJN Public Transport network - 5,000 + connections per day on average since January 2011  

  • TedX Brussels conference - 4,000 visitors, 6,500 connections to the PromoSend Network

What Promotional Communications has achieved with the mobile cloud

  • TedX Flanders  conference- 3,000 visitors, 4,000 connections to the PromoSend Network

  • Brussels Airlines deployment at Batibouw trade fair - 90,000 visitors, 35,000 connections to the PromoSend Network  

  • Tomorrowland Festival (http://www.tomorrowland.be/) - 100,000 visitors, 38,000 connections to the Promosend network

  • Rascal Flatts 2011 concert tour- 6,400 connections to the PromoSend Network using low-traffic hardware based on 2010 designs (currently using higher capacity (10x) 2012 PromoSend platform)

  • 10 David Guetta live at Tour et Taxis - 7,500 visitors with Smartphone's with 6,000 connections to the PromoSend Network

  • Keith Urban tour - 92,000 visitors with Smartphone's with 20,000 connections to the PromoSend Network

Interacting with the Mobile Cloud!!!

Marketing Goal

Connect with the consumer and get them to take action

What if?

  • You could provide an additional marketing option to your clients that DOES NOT take away from your current business but creates a multimedia experience – videos (exclusive), demo’s, testimonials

  • You could deliver a coupon for your product which drives people from a location into stores – ieFame Coupon driving people to World Vision

  • You could link people up directly to an E-Commerce platform directly from the show – ie links into World Vision E-Commerce

  • “Instant” consumer feedback – measurable ROI

World Vision e-Commerce

What is PromoSend™...

Complete Mobile Marketing Solution for all Wi-Fi-Enabled devices

  • Place your brand/content on consumer devices via one easy HTML5 web development

  • Maintain constant commercial contact with customer on-site

What is PromoSend™...

Interactive ability to collect real-time information

  • Present Corporate Information

  • Offer Value Propositions like offers, competitions, experiences

  • Offer Dynamic updatable content to Smartphone

  • Create unique multimedia experiences and extract Business Intelligence

  • Instant consumer feedback

What is PromoSend™...

Connect to your own private ‘hotspot’

  • Provide a no-cost web experience or connect to established Wi-Fi Networks

  • Without internet – create rich multimedia environments

  • With internet – create links into social media platforms and extract information in exchange for ‘free internet’ to consumer

What is PromoSend™...

Easy to set-up and deploy

  • Without Internet – entire system contained in an easy to carry and install flight case

  • With Internet – System can be configured using only software upgrades to location

  • Unlimited Promotions – same cost whether 1 person connects or 1,000,000 connect

How PromoSend™ Works:

How PromoSend™ Works:

Supported Phones

Our technology is compatible with phones from most major manufacturers – ensuring the largest consumer reach


Whether it is enhancing an existing advertising structure like a billboard, or creating a brand new medium inside a Stadium, PromoSend's™ versatile technology can be installed quickly in virtually any location or used to redirect traffic from existing networks.

Delivering your targeted digital promotions to your consumers IS EASY!

  • Upload your desired content to our PromoSend™ server

  • The PromoSend™ Network instantly transmits your promotion to your consumers based on your preferred schedule

    Monitor the success of your campaign in REAL TIME

Benefits to sponsor

  • Private rich multimedia experience in which to attract, brand, and retain consumers

  • Content is branded with the sponsors logo’s and message (including contact details like email addresses, phone numbers, SMS responses, etc)

  • Easy to virally spread the message to people outside the event via email, social media, or other platforms

  • The Sponsor (logo, image, music, etc) is appearing/leaving the venue on 1,000’s of mobile phones in real-time

  • Creates a synergy between computer based internet branding and mobile web based on-site branding

Benefits to Artist

  • Increase awareness of the artist/brand

  • Ability to drive traffic back to the artist's/ brand's site

  • Can engage the fans with offers that lets them join mailing list/fan club -- rapidly building the artist's/brand's database

  • Promote upcoming shows, events, and merchandise

  • Bragging rights as innovative artist/brand using a green technology to deliver a message

  • Have synergy between the web and the on-site experience of the consumer

  • Provide free/exclusive content for the customers

  • Opportunities for revenue streams (Coupons, competitions, sponsorship)

  • By integrating Social Media, build up a detailed opt-in profile of your fan/customer

Different Tiers of PromoSend™

Results and ROI

  • Be able to digitally distribute all manner of physical content digitally directly to a consumers mobile device:

    • Saves on cost of physical marketing material

    • Viral effect of consumer being able to send material via SMS/Email/Social Media

  • Collect Business Intelligence:

    • Have polls, surveys, competitions asking for any/all demographic information

    • Collect permission based Email addresses

    • Integrate with other social media platforms for maximum effect and collect the public Facebook/Twitter/etc information of consumer

  • Cross-Platform Marketing:

    • As all information is voluntary and Opt-in, all information can be used for further marketing across other platforms like Email newsletter, web promotions, Facebook campaigns, and other types of marketing

    • Maintaining the same digital presence with the consumer across all platforms

  • ROI – Return on Investment:

    • All activity is logged and monitored

    • Statistics on users and activity allows spend vs. results to be precisely calculated

  • Thank you.

    Promotional Communications LLC

    650 Halstead Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY 10543, USA

    TEL – (914) 381-1632

    Dan Seidman (FR / ENG) - dan@promosend.net | +1 (914) 414 6760

    Barbara Kent - bkent@promosend.net | +1 (914) 572 1463

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