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Department of Small and Local Business Development Agency Strategic Action Plan June 1 st 2013 – May 31 st 2014 Ted Archer Director, Strategic Operations. Strategic Action Plan.

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Strategic Action Plan

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Strategic action plan

Department of Small and Local Business DevelopmentAgency Strategic Action PlanJune 1st 2013 – May 31st 2014Ted ArcherDirector, Strategic Operations

Strategic action plan

Strategic Action Plan

To advance the mission of the agency to support the District’s over 50,000 small businesses, including 1100 Certified Business Enterprises (CBEs) and thousands of potential entrepreneurs, DSLBD will implement a Strategic Action Plan beginning June 1st 2013 through May 31st 2014.

Agency Strategic Action Plan

Strategic action plan

The Department of Small and Local Business Development was formed through the Small, Local, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Development and Assistance Act of 2005. Prior to the “Act” there were several other iterations of the agency along with different functions. The Agency’s Strategic Action Plan aims to clearly articulate the Agency’s purpose and objectives to its stakeholders.

Past Iterations of the Department of Small and Local Business Development

Office of Minority Business Development


Office of Human Rights and Minority Business Development

Office of Local Business Development

Agency Strategic Action Plan

Agency vision

Agency Vision

Agency Mission

The mission of the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) is tosupport the development, economic growth, and retention of District-based businesses, and to promote economic development throughout the District’s commercial corridors.


DSLBD envisions a business environment in which:

  • DC businesses are connected in real-time with local, federal, and global business opportunities;

  • Small businesses can navigate government quickly, confidently, and effectively; and,

  • Every entrepreneur and small business with a great idea and a great plan can access the capital to make it happen.

Agency Strategic Action Plan

Dslbd functions

DSLBD Functions


Agency Strategic Action Plan

Transforming the agency

Transforming the Agency

Previous Organizational Structure

The previous organizational structure reflected only a small range of services for DC businesses

16 Total FTEs

Agency Strategic Action Plan

Transforming the agency1

Transforming the Agency

Redesigned Organizational Structure

The redesigned organizational structure serves as the foundation for a client centered approach to the delivery of a dynamic portfolio of services

43 Total FTEs

Agency Strategic Action Plan

Strategic action plan

Compliance &Enforcement





Agency Strategic Action Plan

Cbe compliance action plan summary

CBE Compliance Action Plan Summary

  • CBE Compliance Action Plan Highlights and Milestones

  • (June 2013 – May 2014)

  • DSLBD will investigate, monitor, spot check, and recommend enforcement action on the following:

  • 1100 CBEs

  • 88 Joint Ventures

  • 168 Developers

  • 120 Prime Contactors

  • 80 District Agencies

  • $15billion total dollar volume in Expendable, Contract, & Project Budgets

  • 1188 Site Visits/Spot checks

  • 200 Investigations

  • (estimates based on FY11-12 activities)

Agency Strategic Action Plan

Local business definition

Local Business Definition

  • Principal office physically located in the District;

  • Chief executive officer and highest level managerial employees maintain their offices and perform their managerial functions in the District;

  • Meets one of the fourfollowing standards:

    • More than 50% of the assets, excluding bank accounts, are located in the District;

    • More than 50% of the employees are residents of the District;

    • The owners of more than 50% of the business enterprise are residents of the District; or

    • More than 50% of the total sales or other revenues are derived from transactions in the District

  • Is properly licensed under DC law; and

  • Is subject to tax under DC law (Chapter 18 of Title 47)

  • Site visits are conducted within the Washington Metropolitan area to verify that the firm meets the local business enterprise definition.

  • Agency Strategic Action Plan

    Cbe program at a glance

    CBE Program: At a Glance

    Businesses may be certified in any of the following categories; however, only a maximum of 12 points can be applied toward any contract award. In evaluating invitations for bids (IFBs), contracting personnel apply a percentage reduction in priceaccording to the CBE designation. In evaluating requests for proposals (RFPs), contracting personnel applypoints to proposal evaluations according to CBE designation. DSLBD also certifies joint ventures in the CBE Certification Program.

    Agency Strategic Action Plan

    Cbe locations

    CBE Locations



    • The Business Certification Division evaluates businesses headquartered in the District to determine their eligibility to become a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE).

    • The DC Government directs spending to CBEs, and they in turn support and contribute to job creation and the city tax base, strengthening the local economy.

    • The CBE Program provides contracting preference for local businesses so they can better compete for DC Government contracts and procurement opportunities.

    Ward 413%

    Ward 37%

    Ward 16%

    Ward 517%

    Ward 231%

    Ward 76%

    Ward 612%

    Ward 89%

    * As of April 2013

    Agency Strategic Action Plan

    Strategic action plan

    Investigate, contact, and perform site visits on delinquent CBEs and JVs identified by media, ODCA, and DSLBD

    15 total CBEs

    Roll out Developer Compliance training for Developer community and other stakeholders

    200 total developers

    Roll out Agency Expendable Budget Compliance training for operating and capital budgets

    110 total budgets

    Action Plan Timeline

    CBE Compliance & Enforcement

    Perform CBE spot checks/ and enforce penalties on delinquent CBEs and JVs

    1188total CBEs/JVs

    Review high profile District contracts above 250k for subcontract compliance

    10 total contracts

    Recommend corrective action for noncompliant District Agencies

    200 total Agencies

    220 vendors

    Recommend enforce penalties on noncompliant developers and prime contractors

    168 total developers

    Investigate and contact delinquent developers identified by, ODCA, and DSLBD

    120 total stakeholders

    Leverage CBE Advisory Group recommendations, partner with District Contracting personnel to implement efficient and transparent waiver process for subcontracting compliance

    Issue Comprehensive Preliminary findings from Compliance & Enforcement Action Plan by May 31st 2014

    75 total developers

    Partner with Developer community to streamline and simplify reporting process for projects

    1100 total CBEs

    Launch All New “Cloud-based” Certification Process for CBEs

    Compliance and enforcement

    Compliance and Enforcement

    • 8 Compliance Program Areas

    *Data is as of 8/15/2012*

    Agency Strategic Action Plan

    Strategic action plan

    Agency Strategic Action Plan

    Enhanced transparency and accountability

    Enhanced Transparency and Accountability

    CBE Compliance “CLOUD” Database


      • Accessible to Government Agencies, Private Developers/Contractors, and CBEs


      • Allows DSLBD to proactively monitor and report CBE compliance performance


      • Enhances collaboration between all CBE program stakeholders

    Agency Strategic Action Plan





    Agency Strategic Action Plan

    Strategic action plan

    Action Plan Timeline

    Business Development Programs



    Agency Strategic Action Plan


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