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Making an impact in your communities
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Making an Impact in Your Communities. Texas Banks Build Dreams. Banking in Texas. There are 629 Banks , Thrifts & Savings and Loan Institutions in Texas and 5,638 branches . We employ 150,000 Texans

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Texas Banks Build Dreams

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Making an impact in your communities

Making an Impact in Your Communities

Texas Banks Build Dreams

Banking in texas

Banking in Texas

  • There are 629 Banks, Thrifts & Savings and Loan Institutions in Texas and 5,638 branches.

  • We employ 150,000 Texans

  • We are the devoted stewards of $499 billion of Texans’ money and approximately $740 billion in assets

Banking in texas1

Banking in Texas

  • The Texas banking industry has outperformed the nation.

    • In 2011, Texas-based banks earned a return on assets (ROA) of 1.1 percent; banks nationwide earned an ROA of 0.9 percent.

    • 2012 marks the fifth consecutive year that Texas banks have done better than their counterparts nationwide in terms of profitability.

      --Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher

Banking in texas2

Banking in Texas

Banking in texas3

Banking in Texas

The truth about banks

Myth: The 2008 bailout was a government handout that cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

The Truth About Banks

Fact: The government invested $245 billion into TARP bank programs, a small portion of the $700 billion authorized. Banks have repaid $264 billion through principal and interest—a $19 billion positive return for taxpayers so far.

(May 2012)

The truth about banks1

The Truth About Banks

  • Myth

    • Texas banks should provide account services at low or no cost.

  • Fact

    • Banks are for-profit businesses. We pay franchise taxes. We comply with myriad state and federal laws and regulations. As the volume of regulations increases, our profits decrease.

The truth about banks2

The Truth About Banks

  • Myth

    • Banks are responsible for

      the real estate market’s collapse.

  • Fact

    • Under-regulated NONBANK lenders are responsible for the housing market’s collapse. Banks only make loans they know will be repaid. Everyone loses in a residential foreclosure; banks are doing everything they can to avoid them.

The truth about banks3

The Truth About Banks

  • Myth

    • There is no difference between credit unions and banks.

  • Fact

    • Many credit unions have morphed into highly profitable institutions that look and act like banks. The major difference? Credit unions do not pay taxes or abide by the same rules as banks.

Credit union (above),

bank (below)

The truth about banks4

The Truth About Banks

  • Myth

    • Banks should be more heavily regulated.

  • Fact

    • Banks already must comply with more than 11,000 pages of regulations that are aimed at protecting depositors and ensuring a healthy, competitive banking system.

The truth about banks5

The Truth About Banks

  • Fact: Overregulation

    • The Dodd-Frank Act added an estimated 5,000 pages of new or expanded regulations. Managing the regulations is a significant challenge for any bank, but for the median-size bank with only 37 employees, it’s overwhelming.

Deposit insurance

Deposit Insurance

  • Customer deposits are protected by FDIC insurance. In the 75-year history of the FDIC, no one HAS EVER lost a penny of an insured deposit.

  • The FDIC has raised its coverage amount from $100,000 to $250,000 per depositor per insured bank.

Deposit insurance1

Deposit Insurance

  • The FDIC insurance fund is financed ENTIRELY by bank premiums.

  • The FDIC is funded by its member institutions through premiums and assessments paid on deposits.

Your community partners

Your Community Partners

  • Banks are the Pillars of Your Communities

    • Historically, banks were the first businesses in town and provided the necessary capital for building homes, businesses and schools.

    • Thousands of commercial banks work with community and non-profit groups on projects throughout the state.

Financial literacy

Financial Literacy

Consumer education and financial literacy are top priorities for banks

Affordable housing

Affordable Housing

  • The Community Reinvestment Act requires banks to lend to their entire market areas and, if necessary, have a strategy for lending in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.

  • Last year, Texas banks invested $26 billion in affordable housing through the Community Reinvestment Act and $13 billion in small business loans.

Fair lending

Fair Lending

  • The banking industry is committed to a color-blind, discrimination-free lending environment.

  • Banks have made a significant effort to serve customers in all communities. According to the Government Accountability Office, 41 percent of banks customers are of low and moderate income.

Small business lending

Small Business Lending

  • Small businesses get 65 percent of their loans from commercial banks and other depository institutions.

  • Small businesses represent 99.9 percent of the nation’s 27.5 million businesses.

Charitable causes

Charitable Causes

  • Texas banks donated $102 million directly to charitable causes.

Texas bankers association

Texas Bankers Association

  • The Texas Bankers Association represents banks of all sizes, from the smallest in the nation (Oakwood State Bank) to the largest (Bank of America).

  • TBA is the oldest and the largest state bankers association.

Texas banks investing in their communities

Texas Banks Investing in their Communities

Texas Banks Build Dreams

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