Chapter 16 at a glance
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Chapter 16 at a Glance ! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 16 at a Glance ! . Beijing, Taiwan. 2. End oppression of landlords and govt ; govt. of the people; land reform (take land from wealthy and give to poor) 3. China would be a world power again 4. Constitution, National people’s Congress, elections, democratic , Dictatorship.

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Chapter 16 at a Glance !

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Chapter 16 at a Glance!

Beijing, Taiwan

2. End oppression of landlords and govt; govt. of the people; land reform (take land from wealthy and give to poor)

3. China would be a world power again

4. Constitution, National people’s Congress, elections, democratic , Dictatorship

5. Govt. controls all parts of citizens’ lives; took over to restore order

6. Propaganda (techniques on PP)

**** tries to change peoples’ thinking

PropagandaTechniques Techniques

  • Transfer/association – I’m with…

  • Bandwagon – Jump on! Join in!

  • Appeal to fear – Watch out!

  • Oversimplification – It’s easy!

  • Repetition – Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!

  • Example:



From North Korea

“America is the land of the axis of evil”

6(cont.). A book of Mao Zedong’s sayings; people memorized it and thought it had

all of the


7. order, foreign, sufficient, food schools, health

8. HUGE population needed care, war destroyed industry, limited land, natural disasters, behind in technology

9. Govt forced peasants to pool their land, tools and labor; work for the state, share harvest

10. An effort to modernize China, communes, split families, REALLY bad!!!!

~ food production fell, people didn’t work hard due to no individual reward

11. class struggle, Red, chaos, Communist

12. 1976; Deng Xiaoping; eased, protesters were killed by the army; economic; political

Tiananmen Square Massacre

13. (1) Modernizing agriculture

(2) expanding industry

(3) developing science and technology

(4) upgrading China’s defense forces

14. the economy boomed!

15. 2nd largest economy by 2020 (actually now!)

16. Confucian, propaganda

17 classes, equal, rural, urban

18. Put their faith in young people; wanted kids to criticize their parents, day care, tried to lesson ancestor worship, changed marriage laws, only one child

19. Some parental say but choice

20. population, modernization

Exponential Growth

Generation 1

Generation 2

Generation 3

Generation 4

Generation 5

21. One-Child Policy

China: One Child Policy

  • China's Communist Party first began the "one child" rule—perhaps the best-known population policy in the world—in the 1970s because of growing concerns over whether the famine-prone country could continue to feed its skyrocketing population.

Up agricultural production, down population increase

  • The rule says that urban couples should have only one child. Couples in rural areas (where 80 percent of the population lives) may have two or possibly more children but should delay getting married initially and then




at 1,200


  • Families that violate the rule where it is most strictly enforced face mandatory abortions and severe financial penalties, while single-child couples throughout the country are entitled to better child care, preferential housing assignments, and cash bonuses.

It's better to marry and have children at a mature age.

  • The policy has generally worked, and fertility rates have fallen to an average of about two children per woman, down from more than five children per woman in the 1950s.

  • National ad campaigns promoting "one child" link the policy to prosperity and good Communist citizenship. By showing happy single female children, many of the ads also seem to respond subtly to the traditional preference for boys, which some critics maintain has led to the killing of female infants

The party calls for the partisan to set an example of having only one child.

Where is everyone living?

22. Equal rights in all ways – own property, keep name

  • Allies to enemy to ok

  • now involved in trade!

    LOTS of human rights issues

    now a member because of making changes

    25. China, British

    bitter, improved, trade

    strained, border, fishing

    Taiwan, economic, industrial, military

agriculture:35 %

agriculture: 5%

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