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Interview with tang zhen
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Interview with Tang Zhen. By: Jen Pento and Callie Moody. Where is Tang Zhen From?. “Judy” is 24 years old. She is from the city of Zunyi in the Guizhou Province in South West China The capital city is Guiyang, where her university was located China is run by a Chairman

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Interview with Tang Zhen

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Interview with tang zhen

Interview with Tang Zhen

By: Jen Pento and Callie Moody

Where is tang zhen from

Where is Tang Zhen From?

  • “Judy” is 24 years old. She is from the city of Zunyi in the Guizhou Province in South West China

  • The capital city is Guiyang,

    where her university was located

  • China is run by a Chairman

    Currently, Hu Jin Tao runs China

  • Judy lived in an apartment with

    her mother, father, older brother,

    and grandmother.

Chinese education

Chinese Education

  • Their schooling is broken up into 4 main sections:

    • Primary: First six years

    • Junior Middle School: Three years

    • Senior Middle School: Three years

    • University: Four years

  • Large class size:

    • 40-50 students per teacher

    • One per subject

    • Students start at six years old

  • Differences chinese education and american education

    Differences:Chinese Education and American Education


    • 8 am- 5 pm.

      • 2 hour lunch at home

    • Students rise when teacher enters or leaves the room

    • Students greet the teacher, “good morning teacher”

    • Wait until lecture is over to ask questions

    • Summer vacation: July to September

    • Winter vacation: January to March


    • 8 am- 3 pm.

      • ½ lunch provided at school

    • The teacher is usually already in the room

    • Students talk among themselves until the teacher quiets them down

    • Question and answer discussion is encouraged during discussion

    • Summer vacation: June to September

    • Winter vacation: week-long breaks in December, February, and April

    Tang zhen s favorite subject in school is math

    -The other subjects she took in her primary, middle, and senior years included Chinese, math ,geography, music, and athletics was very important

    -In Junior Middle school the students had to begin studying English. It is very important to study English in China

    -Judy’s major at Southern New Hampshire University is Finance

    Tang Zhen’s favorite subject in school is Math

    Technology in the classroom

    Technology in the Classroom

    • Computers were not used in the

      Primary school’s in China

    • They are introduced in their sixth year of school

    • In China they had a specific computer lab they would go to for computer class because computers were not in every classroom

    • Homework was written out by hand, Judy did not use a computer

    Tang zhen s family

    Tang Zhen’s Family

    • Her parent’s work schedule allowed them to go home for lunch just like the students

    • Family time was important- they would also eat dinner together

    • She has a dog named Dou Dou

    • She has an older brother who is 36

    Chinese culture

    Chinese Culture


    -Judy does not like American food

    -She cooks her own food while she is here on campus

    • We asked Judy what cultural differences there were between America and China:

      • Smaller classes here at SNHU

      • She said America is very free because students can ask questions and speak out in class

      • In China they only pay for books in college (video clip)

  • Other differences:

    • Air pollution is worse in China

    • There are no malls in China, the stores are spread out, they’re not all in one place

    • She said people generally smile more here, they are friendlier

  • Video clip

    Video Clip

    • In this video clip Judy is telling Callista and I that in China they only pay for books, not tuition

    Jen tang zhen callie

    “Ni Hao, wo de ming zi jiao …..”

    “Hello, my name is….”

    Jen, Tang Zhen, Callie

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