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cd;dj Njtd; cd;Dld; ,Uf;f cs;sNk fyq;fhNj - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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cd;dj Njtd; cd;Dld; ,Uf;f cs;sNk fyq;fhNj. mtH ey;ytNu vd;Wk; ty;ytNu ed;ikfs; FiwahNj. ghtj;jpy; tho;e;j cd;id- Njtd; ghpRj;jkhf;fpdhNu jho;ikapy; fple;j cd;id- jk; jathy; J}f;fpdhNu. me;ehspy; jk; ghjk; mkHe;j md;dhspd; n[gk; Nfl;lhH mehijaha; jtpj;j me;j Mfhhpd; Fuy; Nfl;lhH.

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Presentation Transcript

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ghtj;jpy; tho;e;j cd;id- Njtd; ghpRj;jkhf;fpdhNujho;ikapy; fple;j cd;id- jk;jathy; J}f;fpdhNu

Me ehspy jk ghjk mkhe j md dhspd n gk nfl lhh mehijaha jtpj j me j mfhhpd fuy nfl lhh

me;ehspy; jk; ghjk; mkHe;jmd;dhspd; n[gk; Nfl;lhHmehijaha; jtpj;j me;jMfhhpd; Fuy; Nfl;lhH

Nar cd kd ele jhy ep nahhjhid fle jpltha tprthrk cdf fpue jhy me j vhpnfhit jfhj jpltha

,NaR cd; Kd; ele;jhy; ePNahHjhid fle;jpLtha;tpRthrk; cdf;fpUe;jhy; me;jvhpNfhit jfHj;jpLtha;