Review of the 20 questions worksheet
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Review of the 20 Questions Worksheet PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Review of the 20 Questions Worksheet. Janaury 10, 2013. Today’s Agenda:. Review Answers of 20 questions . Explain the steps required to add a hyperlink to a picture?. Insert your picture. Click on your picture. Choose Insert from the ribbon. Type in your web address. Click OK.

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Review of the 20 Questions Worksheet

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Presentation Transcript

Review of the20 Questions Worksheet

Janaury 10, 2013

Today’s Agenda:

  • Review Answers of 20 questions.

Explain the steps required to add a hyperlink to a picture?

  • Insert your picture.

  • Click on your picture.

  • Choose Insertfrom the ribbon.

  • Type in your web address.

  • Click OK.

  • Your picture should be a hyperlink.

How do you prevent a page breaks between paragraphs?

  • Select the paragraphs that you want to keep together on a single page.

  • On the Page Layout tab, click the paragraph Dialog box launcher and then click the Line and Page Breaks tab.

  • Select the Keep with next check box.

  • Click OK.

Explain the steps required to insert a built-in bibliography at the very end of a document?

  • References

  • Bibliography

  • Choose Built-In Bibliography.

How do you create a new document using a sample template Urban Report?

  • File

  • New

  • Choose Sample Templates

  • Choose Urban Report

  • Click Create

How do you add a box page border with a 1pt width to the entire document?

  • Page Layout

  • Click on Page Borders

  • Click on Box

  • Change the width to 1pt

  • Click on OK

How do you modify the text wrapping options for a picture so that the picture is tight?

  • Choose your picture

  • Go to Picture Tools

  • Click on Wrap Text

  • Choose Tight

How do you insert a table with 5 columns and 4 rows?

  • Choose Insert

  • Click on table

  • Scroll over the rows and columns and click when finished

In a bulleted list, how do you demote one level?

  • Choose Home

  • Click the Bulleted list

  • Click Change List level

  • Choose the level

How do you apply a theme to a document?

  • Choose Page Layout

  • Click on Themes

  • Choose your theme

How do save a document as a PDF file?

  • File

  • Save & Send

  • Create PDF/XPS Doc.

  • Click on Create PDF/XPS button

  • Enter your file name

  • Choose Standard or Minimum.

  • Click Publish

How do you display comments in your document?

  • Choose Review

  • Click on New Comment

  • Enter your comment

How do you convert a table into text?

How do you use Mail Merge Wizard to create a letter merge based on your document?

How do you display the document so that it is viewable side by side?

  • Select View

  • Under the Zoom section choose Two Pages

How do you add an E-mail address into your document?

  • Highlight your text

  • Insert

  • Choose Hyperlink

  • Click E-mail Address

  • Enter your e-mail address

  • Click OK

How do you add a comment?

  • Review

  • New Comment

  • Enter your comment

How do you indent only the first line of a paragraph?

  • Page Layout

  • Choose Paragraph dialog box

  • Under Special, choose First Line

  • Click OK

How do you find a word and replace it with another word?

  • Home

  • Under Editing, choose either find or replace

  • Find and Replace dialog box open

  • Enter your word to find and enter your to replace.

  • Click Replace

How do you restrict the file, without using a password, so that only comments can be enter?

  • File

  • Info

  • Click Protect Document button

  • Choose Restrict Editing

How do you change the distance of the header from the top for the entire document to 0.5”?

  • Under Header choose Edit Header

  • Under Header & Footer tools select Header from top

  • Enter your measurement!

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