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504 Vocabulary Lesson 3 & 4. April 2 , 2013. Typical ( adj ): usual, common. They look like the typical American tourists: bad clothes, cameras worn like jewelry, pointing at everything and being too loud. Minimum ( adj ): the least possible amount of something.

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504 Vocabulary Lesson 3 & 4

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504 Vocabulary Lesson 3 & 4

April 2, 2013

Typical (adj): usual, common

  • They look like the typical American tourists: bad clothes, cameras worn like jewelry, pointing at everything and being too loud.

Minimum (adj): the least possible amount of something

  • Studies show that adults need a minimum of six hours of sleep every night.

Scarce (adj): hard to find; rare

  • Water is very scarce in the desert.

Annual (adj): once a year; something happens yearly or lasts for a year.

  • Last week, ESLI students went on our annual trip to Six Flags.

Persuade (v): to make someone decide to do something by giving good reasons

  • Can you persuade him to stop being a bachelor and get married?

I persuade

You persuade

He persuades

I persuaded

You persuaded

She persuaded

Essential (adj): necessary; very important

  • The essential items in a cake are flour, eggs, and butter.

Blend (v): to mix together thoroughly

  • When making a cake, it is essential to blend everything very well.

Visible (adj): able to be seen

  • You need a very powerful microscope to make germs visible.

Expensive (adj): costly, very high-priced

  • Because diamonds are scarce, they are very expensive.

Talent (n): natural ability

  • She has great talent at playing the piano.

Devise (v): think out; plan; invent

  • He devised a way to make tiny germs visible.

Wholesale (adj): in large quantity; less than retail price.

  • It is wise to buy things for your house wholesale, because you save money.

  • No one likes the wholesale slaughter of innocent people.

Vapor (n): moisture in the air that can be seen; mist or fog.

  • Clouds are just large collections of water vapor in the air.

Eliminate (v): get rid of; remove; omit

  • Teachers do all they can to eliminate cheating.

I eliminate

You eliminate

She/he eliminates

I eliminated

You eliminated

He/she eliminated

Villain (n): a very wicked person; a bad guy

  • Snidely Whiplash is a cartoon villain that many people recognize.

Dense (adj): closely packed together; thick

  • Dense fog made it hard to see very far ahead.

  • The dense crowd was almost impossible to move through.

Utilize (v): to make use of something

  • The gardener was eager to utilize new flowers so he could make a dense garden.

Humid (adj): moist; damp

  • There was so much water vapor in the air outside that our classroom felt humid and uncomfortable.

Theory (n): explanation based on thought, observation, or reasoning

  • No one has ever come up with a good theory to explain the beginnings of writing.

Descend (v): to go down or come down from a higher place to a lower one.

  • The plane descended quickly to escape the dense clouds.

Circulate (v): to go around, move from place to place or person to person.

  • Fans help circulate the air in a hot room.

Enormous (adj): extremely large; huge

  • The gallant knight drew his shining sword and killed the enormous dragon.

Predict (v): to guess or tell beforehand

  • Weathermen can predict the weather correctly most of the time.

Vanish (v): disappear; disappear suddenly.

  • The wicked witch vanished suddenly in a puff of smoke.

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