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ENERGY STAR Multifamily. Most important is to look at multifamily from a new prospectus. The property being developed has commercial values that leave a wake into the community for many years. So just like shipbuilding consider what you erect or it will not look like what you desired in less than twenty years. .

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ENERGY STAR Multifamily

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1. ENERGY STAR Multifamily Developing a Voluntary or Code Based Approaches to Achieve a Desired Efficiency Performance Patrick Kelly, EPA 214-665-7316

2. ENERGY STAR Multifamily Most important is to look at multifamily from a new prospectus. The property being developed has commercial values that leave a wake into the community for many years. So just like shipbuilding consider what you erect or it will not look like what you desired in less than twenty years.

3. ENERGY STAR Multifamily ENERGY STAR has not set a standard yet for Multifamily, but quite a few are pushing for a discrete percentage better than IECC of ASHRAE 90.1 2001 standards, This will of course be bumped up to 90.1 2004 in time. EPAct 2005 calls on 90.1 2001 as a standard of performance for commercial and IECC 2004 for Residential. What can ENERGY STAR do to help clarify and certify you meet your qualification goals in terms of green building high performance?

4. ENERGY STAR Multifamily Can’t possibly talk about every detail of IECC and ASHRAE 90.1 without jumping in DOE’s COMCheck and showing the multifamily codes for above 3 floors versus below three floors, then into RESCheck for low rise multifamily dwellings, townhomes, townhouses, side by sides, duplexes…… One point to stress is the levels of envelope and mechanical efficiencies are below ENERGY STAR levels of performance

5. ENERGY STAR Multifamily Major Renovation Markets How far does the developer wish to go. Develop a game plan using ENERGY STAR to get property to the mark. Building Purchase Programs for Common Areas Tenant Purchase Programs and Information New Construction Markets Building codes will get properties to higher levels, but air changes per hour, insulation installation and mechanical system leakages and kinks are usual issues. Tenant Purchase Programs and Information

6. ENERGY STAR Multifamily Old Markets or even Newer Markets with No Building Renovation Tenant Purchase Programs and Information (very limited effect and slow to change profile over time)

7. ASHRAE 90.1 (’99) Three packages listed on COMCheck. Ceiling Cavity R- 38, 25, 19 Ceiling Continuous R-0 Wall Cavity R-11,13,11 Wall Continuous R-0 Window U-Factor U – 0.70 Window SHGC 0.50 , 0.50, 0.40 Floor Cavity R-19, 19, 11 Floor Continuous R-0

8. IECC 2004 mod More Complex runs can’t create an easy slide for multifamily, but not much different from ASHRAE, what IECC gives you is more control of solar orientation South and better HVAC systems to pick from. So IECC is more efficient, perhaps as much 30 percent difference due to better mechanical and SHGC, but can you mix ASHRAE and IECC and go above code, obviously.

9. ENERGY STAR Multifamily Getting confused on options with local codes and how to approach the situation, unfortunately in getting to the answer each must be examined and looked at independently to determine the levels of performance anticipated by going “above local code” with ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR is slowly moving into Multifamily, so I apologize for being slow.

10. ENERGY STAR Multifamily What ENERGY STAR is doing is analyzing the energy performance in the database of multifamily with DOE and outlining steps using the residential programs to bring energy efficiency into the marketplace to help building codes improve. Remember the ASHRAE and IECC mean to different structures that are electrical, mechanical, plumbing and especially safety driven. Low rise is easy!

12. ENERGY STAR Multifamily for Low Rise Is heading to the flatter part of the curve due to DOE advances in Building Energy Codes. If one remembers the old MEC codes, cut by 50 percent, meant you jump have the distance to 100. Of course no one can get to 100 without renewable energy at some point in time. I suppose they call this the Zero Energy Building (ZEB) at DOE. ENERGY STAR is the increments to get closer to a ZEB.

13. ENERGY STAR Checklists At this point in time lets simply say that you have packages to look at in approaching the design of common and private or tenant spaces. Lighting Packages, HVAC system Performance as a complete package, Building Envelope Sealing and a Thermal Bypass Checklist, Appliances and Windows/Doors as Major Discussion Points. If tenant space is in the building, then you need to factor in income expectation and dollar saved on energy bills as rental pluses and potential reason to raise the rent or sales price tag. Unless your paying the bill!

14. ENERGY STAR Multifamily This is conjecture, since HQ won’t divulge anything too soon, but it will likely have to borrow from the lessons learned in Residential first and then Commercial practices to reduce the energy consumption to make above codes work for the building owner while benefiting the building occupant with that desired by the building owner.

16. ENERGY STAR Multifamily Don’t memorize the table its from the residential ES BOP book. Some cities like Denton and Frisco already adopted the residential book and incorporated it into their codes, so it’s easy to do and simple actually to take to commercial space as above code improvements into commercial such as roofs. You will see however, that shifts occur in materials such as insulation that has to meet more stringent fire codes, along with sprinkler systems installation and windows and exterior doors rated for higher wind loads, etc. Which is a good thing!

17. ENERGY STAR multifamily One intriguing area is that multifamily designers begin to use the test equipment and tools they will be able to plug in the issues they see into the computer simulation models and experts could model catastrophic situations and perhaps determine some best green design practices to be able to retard the spread of fire or create a structure more survivable when hit by a natural disaster.

18. ENERGY STAR Multifamily Bottom line is ENERGY STAR is getting smarter and we use tools like Thermography and Test Equipment to make the job easier. We also have third party independent check to be able to go back and label the problems quickly and quite easily usually! The next speaker is Tom Mayfield of Mayfield Thermography.

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