Habitat for humanity
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Habitat For Humanity. Matt Selvey. Web / Architectural Team Bill Cox Lisa Major Nick Henthorn David Koenig Keshav Prabhu. Energy Efficiency Team Donnie Austin Doug Crook Rosann Magnifico Brent Phillips Matt Selvey Brian Waller. Matt Selvey. HFH Members. Home Owners.

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Presentation Transcript
Habitat for humanity

Habitat For Humanity

Matt Selvey

Hfh members

Web / Architectural Team

Bill Cox

Lisa Major

Nick Henthorn

David Koenig

Keshav Prabhu

Energy Efficiency Team

Donnie Austin

Doug Crook

Rosann Magnifico

Brent Phillips

Matt Selvey

Brian Waller

Matt Selvey

HFH Members

Home Owners

Habitat for Humanity

Web/Arch Team

Energy Team

Energy Team

Matt Selvey

Architecture web team

Bill Cox

Lisa Major

Nick Henthorn

David Koenig

Keshav Prabhu

Bill Cox

Architecture / Web Team

Web team objectives

Bill Cox

Web Team Objectives

  • Increase access to team deliverables

  • Provide one location for all resources

  • Gather feedback from Habitat staff and volunteers to maximize effectiveness of the Web Project


Go to web

Bill Cox

Go to Web

  • Habitat Home Efficiency, Selection and Construction Online Resource

Enter Guide


Architectural team objectives

Keshav Prabhu

Architectural Team Objectives

  • Materials list program

  • POS and database program

Program attributes

Keshav Prabhu

Program Attributes

  • Capabilities

    • Many different styles of homes

    • Cost comparison between vendors

  • Limitations

    • Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC

Materials list input

Keshav Prabhu

Materials List Input

Materials list output

Keshav Prabhu

Materials List Output

  • Sections

    • Quantity buy

    • Quantity O/H (out of house)

    • Material description

    • Piece cost

    • Total cost

Inventory pos and database

Keshav Prabhu

Edit Donor Information

Edit Store Stock

Resale Store Volunteer

Ring Up Customer

Inventory POS and Database

  • Purpose

    • Track inventory in the Habitat resale store

    • Track material donors

    • Provide user with point-of-sale terminal functionality

  • Status

    • Gathering requirements

    • Creating tables in database

Resale store pos and database

Keshav Prabhu

Resale Store POS and Database

  • Resale store sells donated building materials not used by Habitat

  • Inventory tracking and cash register system is required

  • System must be intuitive so volunteers can be quickly trained

Pos and database overview

Keshav Prabhu

POS and Database Overview

  • Keep track of donated materials

    • Donor name

    • Item donated

    • Quantity

    • Cost estimation

  • PC used to run database and cash register applications

    • Cash register application will modify database and track sales

    • Handheld barcode reader

    • Label printer

Energy team

Donnie Austin

Doug Crook

Matt Selvey

Brian Waller

Rosann Magnifico

Brent Phillips

Doug Crook

Energy Team

Energy team objectives

Doug Crook

Energy Team Objectives

  • Five basic analyses were performed to reduce energy costs:

    • Cellulose vs. Fiberglass

    • Caulking wall joints

    • Attic fan

    • Window film

    • Future cost

Cellulose vs fiberglass



Cellulose: 38-40

Fiberglass: 31


Cellulose: $0.43 (labor + material)

Fiberglass: $0.41 (material)

Payback period

Approximately 1.5 years

Doug Crook

Cellulose vs. Fiberglass

Caulking wall joints


Reduces air infiltration by 15%

Infiltration through walls accounts for 20% of total infiltration

No reduction in R-value of insulation

$30 to caulk a house


Average Savings = $10.27

Doug Crook

Caulking Wall Joints

Attic fan analysis


Flat roof (no tilt), no solar absorption

Ambient temperature


Reduction of air conditioning energy costs = $14.50

Operating cost = $30

Modification not recommended

Doug Crook

Attic Fan Analysis

Window film analysis

U-Value = 0.45 Btu/hr-ft2-F

U-Value dependent upon distance between window and film

Simulated from Nov 1 to March 1

$8.97 per roll of film

Average of $27 per home (3 rolls)

Reoccurring cost each year

Doug Crook

Window Film Analysis

Information provided by ASHRAE Handbooks, Manco Consumer Hotline 800-321-0253 and www.3M.com

Future cost analysis

Doug Crook

Future Cost Analysis:

Natural gas price outlook: .2% cost decrease per year

Electricity price outlook: .5% cost decrease per year

Electricity consumption outlook: 1.1% increase per year

Source of information:

www.eia.doe.gov linked from www.energy.gov

Future cost analysis1

Doug Crook

Future Cost Analysis:

Typical Habitat for Humanity house showing total analysis (both electrical and natural gas combined) for current and future energy costs.

Habitat for humanity1
Habitat for Humanity

  • Web Team

    • Home Selection guide

    • Home Construction guide

    • Home Efficiency Options

  • Architectural Team

    • Plans added to Floor Plan Selection Guide

    • Material lists program

  • Energy Team

    • Recommended Efficiency options:

      • Caulking Wall Joints

      • Cellulose Insulation

Future plans

Rosann Magnifico

Future Plans

  • Web team

    • Upgrade deliverables

    • Feedback

    • Link to Habitat’s web site

  • Architectural team

    • Home plans

    • POS database

  • Energy team

    • Efficiency options

    • National involvement

Habitat for humanity2

Habitat For Humanity

Rosann Magnifico