Formation of plurals
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Formation of plurals. 1. When the noun ends in a vowel add –s. Ex: cas a cas as cuadern o cuadern os escritori o escritori os 2. When the noun ends in a consonant other than –s, add –es. Ex: colo r color es se ño r señor es árbo l árbol es.

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Formation of plurals

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Formation of plurals

Formation of plurals

Formation of plurals

1. When the noun ends in a vowel add –s. Ex: casacasas



2. When the noun ends in a consonant other than –s, add –es.

Ex: colorcolores



Formation of plurals

3. When the noun ends with a z, get rid of the z and add –ces.

Ex: lápizlápices



4. If a noun ends in –ión or ón, drop the written accent and add –es.

Ex: sillónsillones(si llo nes)

cancióncanciones(can cio nes)

televisióntelevisiones (te le vi sio nes)

(They don’t need the written accent because the nouns now follow the accent rule. )

Formation of plurals

5. Some English nouns can be either singular or plural without changing their spelling.

Ex: elk can be either singular or plural. The only way to know is through context. A few Spanish words work the same way.

Ex: paraguas (umbrella)

sacapuntas (pencil sharpener)

crisis (crisis)

Formation of plurals

6. There are some nouns that only exist in the singular form, even though they refer to more than one person or object.

Ex: gente (people)

agua (water)

These nouns have to remain in the singular form.



Change the following to the plural form.

  • Silla ____________________

  • Cuaderno____________________

  • Diccionario ____________________

  • Mochila____________________

  • Reloj____________________

  • Camión____________________

Formation of plurals

7. Lápiz____________________

8. Baño____________________

9. Canción____________________

10. Luz____________________

11. Mesabanco____________________

12. Cama____________________

13. Colegio____________________

14. Dólar____________________

15. Ejercicio____________________

16. Cartel____________________

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