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History of vacuum research corp
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History of Vacuum Research Corp.

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History of Vacuum Research Corp.

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History of vacuum research corp

History of Vacuum Research Corp.

Vacuum Research Corporation (VRC) traces its history back almost 60 years. VRC was one of the pioneer companies in the high vacuum industry when we introduced our vacuum gate valves in 1953 and our product development efforts have never stopped. Many of the products we offer today such as our active Pirani gauge and full opening ThrottleMaster™ valve are truly state of the art technology and more importantly everything we ship is state of the art in quality and reliability.

VRC’s key personnel possess over 125 years of vacuum industry experience. Allow us to help you enable your vacuum process.

Vrc milestones

VRC Milestones


Aluminum gate valve production began in northern California. Virtually every part was made by permanent mold casting.


Valve manufacturing operations moved to Pittsburgh, PA.


Vacuum gauge production begins in Newport News, VA.


Start of redesign of valve product line to replace castings with extrusions to eliminate real and virtual leaks due to casting porosity.

Vrc milestones1

VRC Milestones


Elimination of castings is complete and no valve shipped in 2005 was in the product line 1995.


Added Solid Works to Auto-CAD. VRC can now provide 3-D STEP file models of all valves to system designers.


Introduced the 50 mTorr to 1000 Torr Diaphragm Manometer.


Introduced the 10 -5 Torr to 1000 Torr Super Wide Range Diaphragm Manometer.

Vrc milestones2

VRC Milestones


An article appearing in Vacuum Technology & Coating acknowledges the superior aluminum welding capabilities of Vacuum Research Corporation.


Introduction of our Active Pirani Gauge that can replace any Pirani or Thermocouple gauge.

Vacuum research corporation what you need to get the job done

Vacuum Research Corporation What You Need to Get the Job Done.

Vacuum valves

Vacuum Valves

Proven designs to meet your needs.

Five minute rebuild valves

Five Minute Rebuild Valves

Have your system back up and running in 5 minutes without removing your valve.

Bonnet style rotary actuated gate valves

Bonnet Style, Rotary Actuated Gate Valves

Available Sizes:

2”/ISO-63 to 20”/ISO-500

Long life rotary actuator

Locks in full open and full close

Removable bonnet section for ease of maintenance

ANSI, ISO, JIS or custom flanges

End operated gate valves

End Operated Gate Valves

Low cost, simple linear actuated valves will give years of trouble free service.

Available with ANSI, ISO, JIS and custom flanges

Large angle valves

Large Angle Valves

Available Sizes:

2”/ISO-63 to 24”/ISO-630

Available with ANSI, ISO, JIS and custom flanges.

Rectangular port valves

Rectangular Port Valves

Custom port dimensions and flanges to meet your unique requirements.

Throttlemaster control valve

Throttlemaster Control Valve

Control you system pressure by using this valve as a three position valve or by modulating the gate with the use of a PID controller.

Dust dirt valves

Dust & Dirt Valves

Designed to minimize breakdowns due to dusty and dirty applications. The protective ring helps to keep debris out of your valve so that you stay up and running.

Small angle valves

Small Angle Valves

NW-16 -as well as CF and tube end

Available in Stainless Steel or Aluminum, Pneumatic or Manual, with position indicators and with optional gauge tube ports.

Vacuum fittings

Vacuum Fittings

Hoses, clamps and other fittings needed to put your system together.

Vacuum and pressure gauges

Vacuum and Pressure Gauges

Wide range diaphragm gauge

Wide Range Diaphragm Gauge


1 mTorr to 1500 Torr, also available calibrated in mbar & pascal.

Available with two or four adjustable set points, analog outputs including 0-10V and 4-20mA.

Diaphragm manometer

Diaphragm Manometer

Available Ranges:

0.5 to 1500 Torr, 30 inches Hg to 150 PSIG and .1 to 20, .1 to 200 and 1 to 1000 PSIG

Also available calibrated in mbar & Pascal

Pirani gauges

Pirani Gauges

Available Ranges:

.01 to 100 mTorr, 1 to 2000 mTorr and .01 to 20 Torr

Display unit only or Dual Set Point Controllers.

Analog outputs or optional 0-10V or 4-20mA outputs

Big digit display

Big Digit Display

Easy to read Big Digit Displays and Dual Set Point Controllers are available in the following ranges:

1 to 1500 Torr or 30in Hg to 150 PSIG.

1 to 2000 mTorr and .01 to 20 Torr

NEMA 12 Enclosure

Absolute differential gauges transmitters

Absolute & Differential Gauges/Transmitters

Low cost & rugged

Ranges from 10 –5 to 1500 Torr or 30” Hg to Atm.

Perfect for users who want to transmit a signal to their PC or PLC.

Single alarm/control setpoint and analog output.

With or Without Display

Portable battery powered gauge

Portable Battery Powered Gauge

Available Ranges:

Diaphragm, 1 to 1500 Torr or 30” Hg to 200 PSIG

Pirani, 1 to 2000 mTorr or .01 to 20 Torr

Rugged Digital Display

Long Life Battery

Dual range gauges

Dual Range Gauges

Two gauges in one 1/8 DIN enclosure.

Available Ranges:

1 to 2000 mTorr and 1 to 1500 Torr

Mix and match ranges to suit your needs.

Low cost portable gauges

Low Cost & Portable Gauges

Available Ranges:

.01 to 50 Torr

1 to 1500 Torr

Atm to 30” Hg

Available with optional handle & bumper pads.

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